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  1. I'm running Ir9, do I need to wipe or just install it over Ir9? Anyway, I'll probably wait until Ir11 to be final and have enough people tested before installing. Ir9 is working very well for me.
  2. I have problem with OC'ing to 1.4GHz too. It doesn't hang or reboot but the phone would become unresponsive for a few seconds or slow once in a while. Using SetCPU restrict the clock speed back to 1.2GHz solved the problem. You can use the UV-only kernel to avoid the problem, but since the OC/UV kernel also OC the GPU and that part seems fine, you may want to stick with it.
  3. Upgraded to Ir9. Battery % mode is not working (stock style) for me either. UV ability seems to be weaker than Ir8, my UV setting that I've been using since pre-Ir8 keeps freezing my phone . No problem at stock voltage though.
  4. Thanks. It look awesome! This live wallpaper is a bit sluggish on Ir8 though. Will update to Ir9 in a day or two.
  5. Paul, what's that wallpaper you used in the "Enhanced Power Menu" screenshot here? Do you mind uploading it? Thanks
  6. Don't use task killers. They mess things up more often than doing any good. Don't obsess with the amount of "free memory" you see on your phone. Free means they are unused, i.e. being wasted. Having only 80MB memory doesn't mean that your phone can't run apps that need more than 80MB memory, Android will kill background services/apps occupying memory when needed.
  7. To add to the discussion: A good app that one can use to test CPU stability is StabilityTest, which you can find on the market for free. Stability runs in 3 modes: Classic, CPU + GPU, Scaling. Both Classic and Scaling can be run with monitor turned off. Classic test simply stress your CPU the way you expect, while Scaling test will enforce a custom CPU governor to scale the CPU frequency up and down during the test. I found it useful to first find a stable (and low) voltage for each CPU frequency individually. First you disable any profile in SetCPU, and then set the min and max frequency to the one you want to test. Then run Classic test for hours. After you have done all the stability tests for each individual frequency, lower the min, and raise the max, frequencies to run scaling test. Even if your UV is stable at each frequency, individually, it doesn't mean that your phone would be stable when you allow the frequency to go up and down. This is simply because (1) voltage is not always stable, and (2) voltage change is not really instantaneous (i.e. your CPU jumps from 350MHz to 1200MHz, but a slight delay with voltage increase causing the phone to hang)
  8. I was getting this problem with stock KK1 radio too. Wifi worked fine, but mobile data would be cut off from time to time, even if signal was 4-5 bars, and I know that I was in locations with good signal. Upgrading to KK6 solved my problem, give it a try.
  9. Hm... My phone is stuck in a reboot loop after. It can get into the main home screen, and then getting a lot of forced closes and eventually reboot itself. Have to pull the battery to turn it off. Luckily I did do a backup before flashing. I'm upgrading from the Dec 16th pre-Ir8 rom, with kitchen option matching as close as possible. I'm using the standard MCK kernel, no OC no UV. Tried wiping Davilk Cache before flashing, but ended up with the same result. Any idea what's going on?
  10. Super high pixel density vs super low pixel density
  11. If you used A2SD or Data2Ext or anything like that, you need to wipe/format the ext partition. You do NOT have to format the FAT32 partition, however. But typically I delete everything except my music, photos, and some backup files before flashing a new rom. Most apps don't remove the folders they created on the SD card when uninstalling... and just like my windows machine, after a while you are left with a lot of unnecessary folders under "Program Files".
  12. Googled. People recommend "SD card speed tester" but I couldn't find it on the market, so instead I tried "SD Tools". I got 10.7MB/s write and 21.4MB/s read speed, not too bad :D The apps doesn't allow one to set the block size, and I've no idea what block size was used when running the test above. Do you know another free speed test app that can set different block sizes?
  13. Did you test it on your Desire or on your PC? I haven't test the speed on the Desire yet, but when doing write&verify test with h2testw on my laptop, the read and write speed were both always above 10MB/s. Do you know any good apps to test the card speed on your phone?
  14. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...010%20microsdhc Newegg, I bought it when there was a coupon to lower the price to about $90. If you read the user reviews there a lot of people reported having problem with the cards. On the day the card I arrived I filled it up and verified the files 3 times with h2testw to make sure that the card was not DOA or had any problem to start with. Let's hope I won't get data loss in a month like some people reported!
  15. Ok, have been running A2SD+ version of the rom for 2 days without any problem! Looks like this 32GB class 10 card is a keeper!
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