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  1. I'd go for 1GB and EXT3. This way you can use S2E or DarkTremor for A2SD. Yeah paste back onto the FAT partition which is the only one that's visible from Windows.
  2. Download the APK and install like any other APK.
  3. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1385577
  4. No WP7, never going to happen. ICS is possible.
  5. No need to re-install it if your phone came with it. To backup you first need to install ClockWorkMod or Amon Ra Recovery. Then you can boot into recovery mode using 'Quickboot' from the Market/Google Play or by using the key combination Vol Down + Vol Up + Power + Camera when turning the phone on. Then use the volume keys to scroll to 'Backup' select it to backup.
  6. Find and disable toggle signature verification or whatever it's called in Recovery. (Can't remember the steps as I don't have the phone any longer)
  7. Best is what is right for you and works for you. Basically, comes down to what you require from your ROM i.e. Extra Features? Get a CM ROM or an arguably more polished look? Then get MIUI etc. Only way to really find out is trying for yourself.
  8. Only if you feel your phone getting hot and being generally unstable. Overclocking likely won't make a difference unless you keep it at 1.4GHz for a year or so constantly IMO. Personally, I don't really see the benefits. The speed increase won't be huge while the battery drain will likely be a fair bit worse.
  9. I never included it since I always felt it was easier to just use the 'acer_ug' on the SD card to revert to a stock ROM. IIRC this should restore it to stock recovery too.
  10. Hello all, I'm selling my Liquid Metal and you can find the link to eBay in the thread below.
  11. Yeah looks like it is, my bad. Haven't used Link2SD for a while. You can move App Data to the EXT partition with Titanium Backup. Long press on an app and select 'Move App Data to SD Card'. In Titanium order the apps by size so you can see what uses up the most data. Also, I found that moving some apps to the SD Card i.e. the Android_Secure folder can create more free space.
  12. Internal storage will still get used up due to the application's Dalvik Cache and Data IIRC. How many apps have you got installed?
  13. Not sure but I think you'll need to go Acer to get that cache fixed.
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