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  1. How 2make the zip file 2 become apk file??
  2. Thanks guy. Have been searching it for a vy long time. really appreciate it.
  3. Anyway, this rom is fast n quite stable for me. At least the sms is quick rite now. so far so good.
  4. So the Megalite only available in english? Can it read chinese as well??
  5. hi daskalos, jz flash d full version rom. Waiting 4ur megalite rom. Do u tink it is possible 2keep 6.5 when u cook megalite? Bcz d 6.5.3 or 6.5.5 reli bad when large indicator is pop up n x-button dun work at all.
  6. hey dt39, thx 4ur effort. But i dun see any diff in terms of layout & performance?? & it still eat up a lot of ram.
  7. Hi Daskalos, it seems that i cant sync my phone with WMDC in Megalite rom. Any idea what happened?
  8. I've got the Samsung Today cab. Here's the link http://www.modaco.com/index.php?act=attach...st&id=43917
  9. Hi daskalos, do i get samsung today & widget in the light rom?? Because i cant find any cab in ur patch.
  10. Hi huzheyi, r u stil active in customizing d ROM?? Im stil looking 4 ward 4 ur new updates.
  11. I cant see anything on post 2 as well. Can repost?
  12. So as compare 2 d previous version this is less stable?? I try 2 download it from Megaupload n it says that d file is temporarily unavailable??
  13. this is so amazing. Really looking forward 2see it n try it.
  14. Thx Ronald. I will try 2 download n hv a look on it.
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