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  1. Madeye

    Audi theme

    I'd like this too for my A3 so if you're gonna give it a go then I'll throw a few suggestions in... - I'd not like to see a lot of Red, keeping the background all grey/black with just the text and icons in red. - I've got an O2 Orbit 2 and have used the home customizer to get the HTC home plugin on there, is there any clock/icons that can be found or developed in red to match? - I don't know if this applies to others but I don't like to advertise an Audi logo when I'm not in the car, just seems poncey, so a non branded (just coloured) theme would be ideal for me. Thanks very much mandt!
  2. I just gave this a whirl and found that when set to 0 you can still see the remnants of the scrollbars (the little lines normally on the 'active' part of the scrollbar). I hoped it would completely remove them. Still, nice idea and I've dropped my scrollbars down to 2 pixels so they're not taking up space but they still help indicate your position on a page... which you'd lose if they were gone! Thanks!
  3. Madeye


    You're right it is run by one person, Paresh Chauhan, since April this year. In short, I'd be suspicious too. In long, he has been online since April and there's no complaints floating around about the site just yet. There is, however, this quote from xda-developers: Who knows who posted that though? Could be Paresh himself! I always like to use trusted sources when I spend large amounts of money on stuff so I wouldn't use this site, even with more reports of speedy delivery, 'cause I like the peace of mind when it comes to after-sales. On the other hand, I wouldn't rule this site out if you're desperate, just fire up some email conversation first and use a credit card for payment protection or if you're close ask to collect the item.
  4. Madeye

    Off to get a Vario 3

    Woah, Obviously you have to put effort in if you want an upgrade at a decent price so I was with you on this, until this post! He didn't make the calls, accident or not. I'm guessing 400 calls of exactly 90 seconds each weren't caused by him rolling onto his phone in his sleep. I think a re-read of his post is in order, unless you have an explanation for how those calls were his fault. Edit: OK I just had a quick re-read of his post and he did say "400 calls i made while i was sleeping", which implies he did make the calls in his sleep, but it's obvious he meant "400 calls showing on my bill that couldn't have been me because it was at silly-o'clock in the morning and I was fast asleep!".
  5. Well mobileshop.co.uk sell the Vario III on that tariff for £79.99. I went into my local store and asked if they could price match, the first guy said they probably could but then the manager overheard and said they can't pricematch online stores. I said "Shame, my cash is burning a hole in my pocket, guess I'll get it online then, thanks.". As I was walking away the manager said he could do it for £100 if I bought insurance for £8 per month. I told him I'd rather get it online, then he explained how I could cancel the insurance before the first payment came out and I'd never actually have to pay the insurance at all. I still didn't want to as I know I wouldn't cancel it - I'm disorganised. Eventually he agreed that he'd do it for £100 without the insurance, which was nice, but I was still hungry for more. So I asked if the price included a headset, he said there was one in the box, I said "Ah, I really wanted a bluetooth one, I think I'll leave it". He promptly threw in a SE bluetooth headset. Well it was a fun trip to T-Mobile but after all that I decided I didn't want the contract just yet (complications with transferring a number I bought off ebay, T-Mo said it was suspended from the last owner but it was an 0750 number which I think is a new batch so I don't know how it had a previous owner, meh. Plus I don't want the Vario III anyway, just the W&W for when I get a Touch Dual) Sorry for the unnecessarily long post, hope you get somewhere with them! ;)
  6. I'd love to take advantage of the free unlock but I don't have my kaiser yet, expecting to get one in 1 or 2 weeks, before I get my Touch Dual. Sniff.
  7. Are you serious? This is exactly why I never make myself a part of an online community. People use the guise of their "opinion" to blatantly make things up! Out of the ten (very useful items), that Paul posted, only 4 of them are free on Plus. Less. Than. Half. If you didn't join Plus then you'd be paying for those programs!!! If you do join Plus then you get a lot more benefits than just those 4. I'll repeat it: Jeez, there's a real lack of appreciation developing around here. To quote numbers again and hopefully enlighten a few people to your crock of sh*t post (MARKUKCOUK, caps lock key broken?), out of the 15 news items on the front page there is one that promotes his Plus service, and as far as I can see that's the only one that will 'benefit' him (if you could call it that!? That's another issue though). I'm not sure how the M:Metrics post benefits him but I'm guessing he gets a cut for all that advertising, but you know what? They send me cheques, real free money for nothing cheques, so I'm happy with that. Lets cancel one of those out with the S730 "Ask Paul" thread as that's him offering us his time and expertise for free and that leaves us 12 very useful news posts. Amazing. I don't know how Modaco will ever survive if Paul doesn't wake up to your reality. /sarcasm Sigh.
  8. Jeez, there's a real lack of appreciation developing around here. It's news, it was reported as so and I see no problem with it being independant from previous arguments, er... I mean discussions. We even get an uneeded, hence brief, explanation but there's still people digging up bygones... I am interested in an answer to DJ's question though, are T not playing ball? Cheers for the heads-up P.
  9. Madeye

    The HTC launch event - my thoughts

    According to an Engadget post you can find here, they've had it confirmed by HTC that it has no wi-fi. It says: I trust Paul and Mono more than Engadget however so I'm still on the fence with this. I'm also conscious of the fact that we could be getting the same build as the Japanese whereas the States may be getting a dumbed down version. ;) Here's hoping!
  10. Madeye

    Paul Reviews.... the HTC TyTN II (Kaiser)

    I'd recommend you try the video every now and again just in case, it doesn't always work first time. Massaging them out does work but you have to rub it quite hard and I'd be scared to do that on a sexy new T2. :S I've succesfully fixed stuck pixels on LCD monitors using the massage method though, perhaps if the video still doesn't work, and you're brave, you could give it a go! Were HTC reluctant to do anything? I'd guess they were, I think 1 or 2 stuck pixels on a screen is considered "acceptable". Meh.
  11. Madeye

    Paul Reviews.... the HTC TyTN II (Kaiser)

    @ matt unstick.wmv Dead pixels are black, stuck pixels are red, green or blue which is good news for you... stuck pixels are a lot easier to fix. I've encoded the attached video for you which you should be able to play full screen in windows media player. Let it run for a minute or 2 to see if it will unstick the pixel. I hope it works, stuck pixels are very annoying!
  12. I don't think we pay import duty on mobile phones but we do still have to pay VAT (value added tax) at 17.5% on purchases from abroad. So an $800 purchase would be £470 plus shipping. I think that's how it works anyway. It's even worse for things such as TV's and DVD players, they also levy a 14% import duty. We really do get screwed over. <_<
  13. Madeye

    Paul Reviews.... the HTC TyTN II (Kaiser)

    No worries, somebody may have missed the earlier reference (not me, sadly I've refreshed every 10 minutes since this thread was started! lol) so yours did no harm! Does anybody know why T-Mobile chooses the uglier (IMO, and I think most others too) silver variant over the HTC one? I'd guess it would be continuity reasons with the rest of the Vario range but I can't see anybody seeing it and thinking "ooh look at that silver, out of date looking pocket PC - must be part of the T-Mobile Vario range. Meh. I've been out of contract now for over a month, my fingers are getting itchy! :P
  14. Madeye

    The $4.99 3.5mm ExtUSB adaptor

    Is it too late to add my name? I missed this before! :P Paul (MVP) mandt cjgarside emyllis Mitman Snaz Stuart_f Waroffice DoubleVision Neil5459 GordonTGopher J273 futuresbright1 mark4130 rav1patel tonywalk rameses influenz Madeye Lemme know, thanks Paul :)

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