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  1. where did you end up finding the application? Thanks.
  2. I dont seem to have that menu item - are you using windows mobile 5 smartphone? Thanks.
  3. Can someone tell me where in the WM5 menus the java midlet programs can be found? I've scanned the entire menu countless times and cant see any item linking to the java midlet list of programs. I installed Opera and now cant find it as its a java midlet. Very wierd. Thanks!!!!
  4. Is anyone using the SmartVideo serive at all? I'm trying to find out how i can get the video to stream through betaplayer instead of automatically loading up WMP. Anyone know how to do this?
  5. Does anyone have any ideas about my question above? i think the extension i am trying to open is a .asx file...
  6. Hi All, I wasnt able to find an answer to this anywhere here.....so - Does anyone know how to get streaming video to open in beta player instead of WMP? I watch some stuff from SmartVido but want it to open the feeds through beta player instead of WMP - can this be done? and if so, how? Thanks!
  7. Hmm, sorry, i just havnt been able to check over the last few days - but a huge thanks for all the tips? Confucious: When you say "myemail.tmobile.com" is it supposed to be "myemail", or am i supposed to fill something in there? I'm not using a tmobile email address, i'm using the address for a website that i run....I'm slightly confused :D Thanks!
  8. so is there any workaround for this? it kinda stinks not to be able to reply to the emails i receive - defeats the purpose of this phone as a business tool. Thanks.
  9. Download.com are offering skype that they say works on windows mobile 2003, just wanted to see if anyone has used this succesfully before i go ahead and take the plunge... Thanks!
  10. You're going to love this phone more with every passing day......i'm on day 42 and loving every minute....! ENJOY!
  11. Is it possible to change the way the start/contacts buttons look? I'd love to see someone create a homescreen with sharp looking silver shading on the buttons to make the look 3d rather then the way they look now. I took a look at hoe the menus look on the new 650 and its all nicely shaded to look like 3d metallic buttons. If anyone wants to take a crack, that would be amazing!
  12. I'm actually using an SMT5600 on T-Mobile in the US. I'm trying tosend email from my web sites pop3 account (which is where i am receiving email from)....any ideas?
  13. Hi All, So i've been having this problem on and of...my pop3 email says downloading 1 of 10, then 2 of 10 etc. etc. but sometimes only one email header appears, sometimes more than one, and sometimes all of them. Any ideas? Also, What should my outgoing pop3 setting be? i currently have it set with smtp.mydomain.com, but its not able to send using that... Thanks!
  14. Let us know how it goes on the C500, and what the improvements are. I'd like to try it on my SMT 5600.
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