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  1. Thanks baskin. What happens when you go to "Settings" and then "Wireless & network settings" on your phone? Do you get the option "Tethering & portable hotspot" ?
  2. I am thinking about getting a ZTE Racer on Pay as you go from the 3 store in the UK. Would I be able to create a portable WiFi hotspot from the ZTE Racer using the out of the box firmware? What version of Android is on the ZTE Racer? Can you tether from it? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks a lot. This radio file has done the trick. I could not get 3G signal at my workplace after I updated to 2.2. I have put the file in the forum you gave and I am back on track.
  4. Does anyone have a link to the latest Radio file for 2.2 FRF91? I want to update my radio file to the latest file available to see if it will fix the 3G signal issues I have been experiencing since I have gone to Froyo. I am using an O2 sim card in the United Kingdom. Thanks in advance.
  5. Since I have updated my Nexus One to Froyo FRF91 using the "02/Jul r21 - MoDaCo Custom ROM for Nexus One with Online Kitchen - Froyo FRF91 udpate" my 3G signal has got worse. Areas previous where I was getting very good 3G signal (e.g. my house and workplace) no longer provide me with 3G coverage. I have dialed *#*#4636#*#* and changed the Network type to WCDMA only and I get no signal at all. All the updates I have used previous have not given me any issues. I have tried my SIM CARD in a friends iPhone at work and I get 3G signal straight away. I then tried her SIM CARD in my phone and she wasn't getting any 3G signal. The file I used was the following: "Froyo radio update with this ROM, - DOWNLOAD (MediaFire Pro) / MIRROR (ROMraid / CoBlitz) - MD5: 598e65c87ddcf63dddcee76ff31e0043" My Phone details are: Baseband Version: Kernal Version: [email protected]#1 Build Number: FRF91 My phone is rooted. Has anyone else had any issues like this? If so how to you resolve them? What files would I use to go back to both the stock Radio image and Build Number to test to see if the 3G signal will improve? Thanks in advance.
  6. Would it be possible to provide a link to download the O2 MMS app please?. It is doing my head in that I can not receive MMS message properly. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi Guys, I have recently got a Nexus One in the UK and I have now started to have a proper play with it. Does anyone know if it is possible to extract large .rar files on it? I have downloaded a 150mb and 50mb set of .rar files via the phone's browser and saved them to the SD card. The .rar files contain some text files and mp3s. I have downloaded Androzip from the Market to use as an extraction tool. I extract the file but I get the message "Successfully unpacked" but no files have been extracted. Is there a limit to the .rar file size that you can extract in Android 2.1? Is there a better alternative to Androzip to extract large .rar files? Thanks in advance. F/W - 2.1-update1 Kernel - [email protected] #1 Build - ERE36B with MCR 1.6
  8. Hi Guys, Just thought I would say a quick hello. I just got a Nexus One in the UK over the weekend and I am looking at getting the most out of it so I will browsing these forums to try and get the best from the device. Thanks for the help I have got so far. Rgds DJ_Fletch
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