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  1. Last few days i seems to have a problem with my earpiece. When im calling someone i cant hear them but they can hear me. Sometimes i can hear them for a while or a full call. I called my voicemail and turned on the speakerphone, then i can hear everything. Turn it off and nothing. Today someone called me and i spoke on the phone for 1 hour, no problem. Later a friend called and we talked for a few minutes and then suddenly i lost his voice and had to turn on speakerphone in order to hear anything. I called support and they said to do a hardware reset first and if that dont work i have to send the phone for repair. I think the earpiece might be broken. Can any sw have done this? Nothing installed last weeks though. Would be great to find out if someone had similar problems and what they did. thanks /P
  2. I press my power button to turn off the screen and it works great. I think i had to assign what to do with the power button
  3. Stupid question, where can i download HTC Touch Themes?
  4. Thanks mate i love the Pocket CM great app.
  5. I have a HTC Touch and i have installed Agenda One which i used on my previous phone as well. I have added when installed Agenda One as the default calendar. But for some reason it dont work fully. If i click the scheduled item on the homescreen it opens Agenda One. But if i click on the calendar button it will open the original calendar instead :) same goes for the flip-up menu that you can move around with your finger. There is a calendar and task option, but both of these also opens the original calendar/task :P Anyone using Agenda One having the same problems? thanks, -Parre
  6. wohooo with +4Mb extra program memory and a Cpu running at 286Mhz the HTC Touch is nothing but unbeatable :) I luv it!!!!
  7. Thanks Paul i did the pagepool thing on my Scandinavian HTC Touch and it seems to work like a charm.
  8. I just had to run the network setup guide and everything was installed from my operator, Telenor. :)
  9. I bought a really cheap version of a BT GPS receiver here in Sweden for around 95€. Its not cheap, but it works great and its quite small which is good. Plus the battery is really good. I've used TT on my bike and in the car. I luv it :P
  10. Hi Guys, i just bought a HTC TOuch and i love it. FYI. im using TomTom Navigator 6 and its working great. It was very easy installing and setting it up. Works great with Developer Ones agenda too. Installed the T9 software that was suggested here and now im pretty pleased with the way i type my messages. Also using Calligrapher which is quite nice. Haven't noticed any low memory issues yet either. Im using the Scanidinavian version. This is my fourth HTC/QTEK phone :) Thanks for a great forum!!!
  11. Ok I solved this my self, apparently flexmail doing some stuff to my phone.
  12. I have added an Icon that opens my mail so i can access pocket outlook now again :) But if i use a homescreen that has a plugin to show mail and click it then it says samt thing cant find wismail :D If i open the pocket outlook and click the homescrren plugin for mail then it dont says anything just opens the mail. Its just the first time. Strange :D Anyone know what this is? Help!
  13. I manage to delete the mail icon on my Mteor :) can anyone post this icon so i can replace it Please? says cant find wismail. thanks a lot parre
  14. Does anyone know of a nice email client that replaces the internal one like for example the Papyrus does with the calender and tasks or Agenda ones. I would like a better display of my push emails in the phone and also would like to be able to add displayed address. Since if i want to send email with a different email return address its not possible since you can change the addess unless you change the exchange account address :D Anyway a nice email program for QVGA display please. There is a quite nice one in one of square shaped SonyEricsson phones that my friend has. Its really easy to read email, it got this Outlook feeling :) Thanks for the help! -parre
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