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  1. Hi, I have a problem with media player in my Xphone. It doesn?t want to play the "my playlist.asx" file of media player play list. It is in WM 2003. Does anyone know why it can happen? :lol: Regards, Denny
  2. I don't know if this makes difference, I am using windows .NET framework 1.1 instead of NETCF
  3. Hi Ultimatesnake, I use only SmartCommander_SMARTPHONE_0.9.1.zip for client side. and use the latest one for the server side. Hope can help more to figure out the problem :lol: Denny
  4. thanks for fast reply :lol: yes, all above are right. I even try to run the PC listener on the phone, but the result is the same. But anyway this should be great software since I should be able to control my PC via phone :(
  5. Hi, I just install these softwares in my comp. and Xphone but it always fail to connect each other. on PC it always listening and on my phone whenever the program execute, it always give error message, like Smart comander.exe NullReferenceExeption Application::run+0xf Form1::Main+0xa Is there anyone know what's wrong with these. because I really want run this application thanks for the upcoming advise. denny
  6. Thanks Buddy I think that ver. is the one that suitable with my Xphone:D Cheers :D
  7. These two programs are brilliant. Now I can make my phone as a remote control to my computer, combine with few programs I found before, then hooray?. One thing I want to know is could you be more specific in ways to make a macro program? Perhaps an example? I am stuck on it. Cheers Ds.
  8. I tried to delete "dx_osx2_ipsm" theme from my Xphone, it was unsuccessful and the result is I cannot asses start menu neither others numerical buttons, except the contact button. It is disaster since I cannott run the entire program in the phone neither calls the phone that is not in the contact list.

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