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  1. dev team, doing quite a job, but we are tired of waiting. Does the Beta 2 will be? I came to the stage to sell my phone. patience, patience. how much more we wait. Please tell a date now. :( :( :( :(
  2. very very very good newsssss :) THANKS A LOT all dev team :) Have a good holidays.
  3. Of course, this does not work, but we are constantly patience. Patience, patience, patience:) Best regards.
  4. Hi, Does anyone have information about the history of Froyo Beta 2 outputs? I would like developers now getan android smoothly. Regards.
  5. WinMo does not work in the background, the absence of NAND android? This slows down thephone. Battery runs out quickly. Warming up. Does this work with the Omnia 2 also speed NAND android? greetings
  6. Hello, I wonder if the Omnia will be for 2 NAND ROM? Certain date? Working with friends who loves infinitely.
  7. Hi, I'm using Froyo 2.2 Beta one week. When I turn on the wireless network device gets very hot. Is there a solution to this issue?
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