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  1. yeah desire HD is the only phone i think as galaxy's competition ...... unfortunately in my country HTC devices are somewhat pricey as compared to samsung. Right now a bnew galaxy S 16gb here sells for about $700 while a desire hd is $915++ not to mention there are already used galaxy S phones (2-3month old) on the market here for as low as $526
  2. i sold my Omnia II yesterday ...... couldn't wait for android on omnia II anymore ..... Thanks to modaco.com ..... omnia ii was my first smartphone and here is where i learned so much on tweaking ...... i think i got obessessive flashing syndrome because of modaco.com B) still looking for a replacement ..... my choice right now seems to be down to three devices ...... samsung galaxy S .... htc desire .... htc hd2 but after watching a video comparing galaxy s and desire ..... the super amoled really trumps the competition
  3. mostly i think it is a hardware problem ..... rarely have i read anyone recovering from this problem using software to unmount re mount the drive. Four times my phone has been to the service center bec of missing storage. And i have flashed more times than i can count .... it just simply breaks down without warning.
  4. maybe win 7 updated itself and became incompatible. sometimes it happens .... my laptops webcam hasn't worked for a few months but i know it's not broken ..... now it seems to work again ..... probably some autmatic update in Vista fixed it.
  5. does your phone charge when you connect it to usb ...... recently i've had to buy a new usb cable .... the cable easily gets loose t the point it won't connect anymore. My new usb cable is starting to show signs of the same symptom as well.
  6. best ROM yet ....... i am no longer conscious of when to reboot my phone .... as even after several days the freem ram is still around 70mb or more ..... i think i reboot now maybe once a week ..... unlike with most roms 2-3days you'll need to reboot again
  7. yeah i had the same issue .... all you need to do is before going into 3D carousel you must ... go into SPB settings and disable 3D acceleration. Using 3D acceleration makes very little difference anyways ... just a a wee bit prettier with reflections .... but even with any other ROM ....using 3D acceleration is laggy and not worth turning ON.
  8. here ya go ... a friend of mine was asking for chinese fonts and keyboard. Personally my chinese kindergarten level hehehehehe ..... not sure if this is traditional chinese .... install Mingliu font and registry entries ..... these will give u ability to read chinese fonts install 140kPlumSIP Pro WVGA V6.1.0010.cab ...... chinese keyboard .... seems like a nice one too ( though i don't use it but tested it and seems to work without any bugs ) ...... this keyboard seems to take up a bit ram though mostlikely because chinese language is a huge language with so many characters plus it needs a program to predict the character as you write it. i think it eats something like 8 to 10mb of ram. http://www.4shared.com/file/MOU7esoB/1mingliu_font_only.html http://www.4shared.com/file/W7oRikkC/140kP...GA_V610010.html http://www.4shared.com/file/XV9R1vAx/2ming...istry_only.html
  9. on winmo 6.5 ...... i've tried before is ..... after a flash .... i move everything in \windows\startmenu to a temporary folder ..... leaving only empty program folder which can't be deleted i think (or don't delete coz windows will hmmm default to some other folder for program icons ) after which moving them back .....after a reboot when you tap startmenu ...... only icon that appears will be TODAY icon ..... program icons won't show anymore ...... but in SPB the programs still show up. Not absolutely sure but this might save some memory as the icons won't load up in memory when start button is tapped.
  10. here try this java cab http://www.4shared.com/file/5Jaq_QjQ/Esmer...09021751R2.html i've had been trying all sorts of java cab on JH1 roms .... samsung java cabs don't seem to work at all .... but i found this and tried it .... and it works well ... only downside i see is in some cases the fonts are really tiny .... or tap button is tiny as well ...... but this java cab worked well enough and with most java cabs i've tried they weren't able to access my storage or SD card .... this one does.
  11. i think the startup vibration can't be disabled easily ..... it maybe part of a self diagnostic routine during startup.
  12. for those who want/need JAVA this one seems to work well with this ROM ..... able to access my storage / SD card ..... only downside seems to be tiny fonts. Esmertec Jbed 20090217.5.1R2.zip
  13. 6.5 uses more memory than 6.1 ......i think this is the main reason why they make hybrid roms .....a good chunk of memory saved. Downside is 6.5 has nicer interface and touch capability. one thing i notice in the touch capability ... in some apps .... horizontal scrolling can only be done via the scrollbars .... unlike 6.5 where vertical/horizontal scrolling is easily accomplished touching anypart of the screen. Well it's a matter of preference in the end.
  14. is your phone an omnia II .... or is your friend's phone capable of chinese fonts ??
  15. Thanks for this SUPER ROM shadowangel !!!! using JH1 eboot ..... i get 120mb ram free at bootup (bare) ..... with all apps installed SPB + MSkip proplus Ultimate V2 ....still 90mb ram free !!! this is with samsung dialer installed and enabled. for those trying this out .... don't forget to install Net Framework (not included in rom) .... fortunately i figured it out right away why some app didn't work. samsung cube (seems to hang the phone ) as with samsung task switcher ..... but then again who needs these ??? hehehehe as of now this seems to be the fastest ROM i have tested ..... samsung dialer still pops up from the bottom .... but boy u can see the speed up.
  16. trying to download as of the moment ...... my internet connection is crappy this time of day ......... does usb activesync work properly ? as far as i have experienced that was the only downside to sinan's mutant rom
  17. thaks megaupload works ...... too bad though but java install just doesn't seem to work for JH1 rom
  18. file download keeps stopping at 700kB ......
  19. Sinan, which version of Myriad Java works best ? is it able to access my storage and storage card ?
  20. thanks for trying anyway :lol: ....... JH1 versions seem to all have this problem
  21. I keep getting message ...... installation unsuccessful
  22. @speedfrog I have tested your JH1vT and the JH1 semi lite as well (fast roms) ....... only thing bugs me is there doesn't seem to be java included and i have tried several java.cab 's and none of them worked at all.
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