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  1. is there a working java.cab for JH1 semi lite ? ..... there's no java included .... when i installed JE2 java.cab .... it won't run either.
  2. there are differences ..... i dunno what version of touchplayer but most of them you need playerautoupdate to add media to now playing. but the version i kept .... has an option for folder view where u can manually add files to your playlist.
  3. i beleive the samsung SMS program is intact in this ROM ....WM_65_21911_ULite.7z (i'm using this ) you just need to go into \windows folder .... and look for jinbox.lnk or jinboxinbox.lnk ... copy them to \windows\start menu\programs
  4. up until JF5 ROMS came about ..... i was almost ready to give up on my O2 and maybe just sell it quickly ..... but the newer ROMs have definitely breathed new life into our O2. Faster and more stable ..... memory leak seems to be very minimal.
  5. you just need to flash your phone to at least the latest Official ROM of your country . That would at least give you an improvement in speed. The stock ROM that comes with our phones are definitely horrible. As for warranty as long as you know how to flash your phone properly .... you can always flash back to your Official ROM for warranty purposes. I've had the "missing my storage" problem 3 times !!!! and i've been able to flash back to official ROM and have samsung service center fix the problem.
  6. Why can't i install a java app ..... i keep getting this message now ....."The trusted certificate has expired ...." ..... it used to work just fine. SOLVED - just temporarily reverted system date to a much much earlier date. installed then reset date to present.
  7. it's almost impossible to download frm rapidshare :D a mirror would be appreciated anyone
  8. in my benchmark tests .... internal storage "My Storage" is always slower than external SD card (8gb) at least for read speed .... way way way slower. Just when i've started to enjoy my O2 with newer roms ......... my storage dissapears on me again for the 3rd time !!!!! arrrrrghhhhh ......
  9. i have flashed my phone more times than i can remember ...... missing storage is a hardware problem ..... mine dissapeared TWICE .... both times all i could really do was go to the service center ..... takes them maybe 10 days to fix it. i have a PDA_I8000NXXIJ9_HW_40.nb0 the older but official ph ROM
  10. i hope you'd consider making this ROM with samsung settings, SMS MMS dialer(videocall) intact.
  11. just make a shortcut for either jinbox.exe jinboxinbox.lnk
  12. thanks a lt Sorg ..... it works great now. is it possible to add other languages like chinese ?
  13. you want fast ...... flash to a lite rom .... JF5 lite roms lite with no UI ..... install iPhoneToday UI ..... that's basically the same result as the hypertouch you see in the video
  14. My bad .... your right shadowangel .... it had nothing to do with the eboot ... hehehe it was the wrong video file i was trying to run on TCPMP
  15. have you tried the new Roms like JF5 ? they are quite usable in my opinion it only looks good because it seems fast .... i've tried that t-omnia main menu ..... it's actually annoying to use .... cause when you swipe ... it doesn't stop at the next page it keeps going .... and u have to stop it at where u want.
  16. weird that i was running JF5 eboot with JF5 lite rom and TCPMP wouldn't run properly. After updating to JG4 eboot .... i re installed TCPMP and now it works perfectly.
  17. just noticed something after flashing JG4 eboot only. it's faster !!! i remember benchmarking read/write to main storage my storage and storage card. and the results look impressive main storage read reached 11702.86 KB/sec whereas i remember i've never had benchmark results above 9000 something.
  18. never hangs or crash ...... newer ROMS are fast and stable ...... but still not perfect i guess ..... some programs that use to run now i can't use.
  19. pulak861, if it's your first time to flash i'd suggest you skip flashing the eboot .... until at least you're sure of what you're doing ..... a friend had just ask me to instruct him how to flash his phone .... anyway that's what i told him to do .... first time flash just the CSC and/or phone part ... to make sure if he's octans is working properly with the right set of drivers . afterwards after confirming succesful flash did he go ahead and flashed all parts again.
  20. i think those are temporary files used by programs ...... you can change the directory where it is placed using SKTools ..... under TUNE UP ! .... under system memory and Speed for example change "Temporary folder for some apps" to \My Storage\Application\volatile ....... create the folder in my storage
  21. problem with TCPMP player .... won't run properly .... too bad TCPMP's the only player i've found that can show subtitles
  22. shadowangel, i installed something or maybe the windows theme ..... now the wait cursor is no longer the cool black thingy .... it's now a yellow green blue red spinning dots ...... what files are these ? i'd like to back it up before it gets replaced and place them back afterwards
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