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  1. i'd recommend shadowangel's lite JF5 ROM ....... almost same as TWU's i guess ... but with the coolest bootscreen .... altered camera.exe speed is good ..... sms loads under 3 secs
  2. i don't find windows sms to be any faster either ...... i've got about 400+ messages and samsung sms loads up in about 2-3secs .... also if you want it really fast keep the samsung sms running in the background .... it barely has any impact on ram even when running in the background. i have previously tried to stick to windows mobile sms (using sinan's lite and fast rom ) and find it not really any faster when you have threaded messaging turned on.
  3. what's wrong with samsung sms ? JE2 JF5 roms .... the samsung apps are pretty fast specially the phonebook
  4. and MY STORAGE dissapeared TWICE !!! .... so i keep a copy of my official ROM in .nb0 format as well.
  5. when my storage disappeared ..... at first i couldn't flash back to official rom .... since flashing with .MST requires my storage ( i think it autmatically formats MY STORAGE and places some hidden stuff as well ) ..... fortunately i found .nb0 PDA of my official ROM . I'm not but i think you can convert a .MST into .nb0 format ..... that way you can flash back to your official ROM and send it back for warranty.
  6. wow fantastic work Sinancetinkaya !!!! this JF5 wm 6.1 is great ..... even the activesync problem seems to have dissapeared now (no more freezing) ..... just have to find working cabs again hehehehe
  7. it works on JF5 but performance is still what i would consider unacceptable.
  8. seems JG4 is like a day old only but JF5 is fast and stable .... if you look at the threads most modded roms are now based on JF5
  9. thanks a lot shadowangel !!! This ROM is really great everything retained and added is what i want !!! and also it has the Coolest boot screen i've seen so far :(
  10. i tried it ..... it always ends up ..... unsuccessful installation
  11. just flashed your JF5 ROM and all i can say is GREAT work !!! smooth fast .... only thing missing i suppose would be the newer java version in JF5 .... which have some differences to the java installed in other ROMs the older java couldn't access My Storage, the java installed in stock JF5 is able to
  12. also does anybody notice there's a difference between JF5's java and JE2's ..... the old JE2 java can't seem to browse my storage ... but the java in JF5 is able to ... JF5 java has default tiny fonts though. I can't find any working JF5 java cab
  13. i do hope there'd be a fix for .... and kinda weird i guess .... keybaord .... camera .... you'd think they didn't have much in common. So far i feel EZinput is the better keybaord compared to samsung or swype or finger keyboard. But i'd rather lose EZinput and stick with JF5 rom =) also EZinput doesn't uninstall properly so i had to re-flash again to get rid of it.
  14. 1.) are you satisfied with touch screen response/precision? Yes although this is my first touchscreen phone , they iphone touchscreen is better but then again i'd hate it if evrytime i accidentally touch something it loads up .... the responsiveness of omnia's screen for me is just right 2.) are you satisfied with phone operating speed? Initally it was a big dissapointment considering their ads were touting 800mhz cpu .... but now the specially the latest ROMs .... the phone is pretty speedy now. 3.) approximately how long your battery lasts? difficult for me to answer but definitely more than 50% at the end of a day ...... since i connect my phone to my laptop when i get home it always stays charged 4.) are you satisfied with sound level over speaker? good enough for me 5.) are you satisfied with sound level over headphones (let's say i want to listen to music in a bus; will it be loud enough)? i'm satisfied by the sound quality and sound level 6.) is it true that stylus leaves scratches on display? I use a screen protector .... but be careful of dust ... i think some people have been complaining about dust underneath the screen (inside the phone) mine has a few dots of dust as well 7.) is it true that only 151MB od internal memory are reserved for installing apps/games; the rest is only for personal files (photos/videos/music)? overall since the release of the latest ROMs .... I LOVE MY OMNIA 2 now ...... the modest free ram available is my only frustation ... i get about 70-75mb free ram at first boot 8.) is there something else i haven't mentioned that you think is a downside of this phone? takes a lot of patience TWEAKING/FLASHING/CUSTOMIZATIONS .... but you end up with a great phone
  15. found the problem ..... fortunately it's one of the first things i install ..... EZinput keybaord =( .... too bad i really like EZinput *SOLVED installing eT9 was the culprit EZinput itself works just fine with xT9
  16. weird ..... finally able to install it on JF5 rom ..... but now after installing it .... i can't take pictures ... and i have isolated the problem of my camera ... to EZinput installation
  17. yeah i'm now sure it is some app i installed ..... i tried another rom and it's also happening ..... so i'm pretty sure it's not your ROM's fault.
  18. my camera suddenly won't take pictures ...... i can't figure it out .... has anyone come across this problem ? when i press the camera button it goes into camera mode .... but when i press the camera button again it won't take pictures.
  19. i think you need to go to Settings .... browser connections .... choose INTERNET .... not WAP .... or choose auto i think may work also
  20. I Think i've flashed my phone 10 or more times this week just trying out different kinds of UI
  21. yeah i've almost given up on my omnia II ...... but recent ROMS have really a big improvement in speed of apps .... i'm starting to love my omnia II again.
  22. try the new roms JF5 or JE2 ...... samsung sms is pretty quick to load up
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