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  1. ROM version seems to play a part in stability. i've just flashed to TWU2's JE2 lite rom and now i get stable overclock at APLL 480 MPLL 388 tried S3clock but nothing happens .... and FPU enabler isn't stable at all ... hangs with phonebook when adding contact to a message. so i'm just using GPI0fix to overclock using shortcuts .... pretty stable ... am able to send MMS
  2. there was a pr0blem bef0re with the backlight tendency t0 flicker because it changes t00 fast / t00 0ften ..... i think that's why they put a delay in it
  3. can someone pls upload JD4 samsung keyboard ? the IJ1 version in the first post seems not compatible and when installed would blank/hang phone on boot up. samsung keyboard with qwerty or 12 Keypad , 20 Keypad layout
  4. i think one of the big problems is they keep forgetting it's a phone first !!! a pda second..... h0w can they release a phone with bad/laggy phone software... at the very least if the basic apps were great ...SMS-mms, ph0neb00k, dialer ..... i'd want to keep this phone. But sad to say even the basic stuff is far from perfected.
  5. i tried APLL 450 MPLL 388 but it seems t0 have pr0blems with stability and the display starts to sh0w lines ...... n0w i'm trying APLL 450 MPLL 300 .... seems stable
  6. @speedfrog to use wes rom tool you need to install i8000 kitchen and the rom tool. read installation instructions specially on folder structures
  7. i've never had an issue with wifi ..... check your wifi settings .... passwords etc etc
  8. how to make a shortcut to launch a java application ?
  9. it really is no big loss ..... the added visual effects aren't something you'd miss. it's all samsung's fault not providing better drivers.
  10. @Sinan openGL does work on SPB but it is laggy ....not your ROM's fault .... almost any R0M i've used SPB with openGL enabled is really laggy.
  11. @kimitza if you're using SPB .... i suggest disabling the use of 3D opengl in SPB ... SPB will be faster without it and less buggy .... you can still use the 3D carousels ... a little less pretty without the bottom reflections of the carousel but speed is much more tolerable.
  12. @bravo i think you better keep a copy of your country's official ROM .... if you need to send it to the service center best that you flash it back to the official ROM. also if you encounter my storage dissapearing problem like i did (twice) .... you can only flash back to official ROM is you use .nbO PDA format and not the .mst format.
  13. did u enable netcF in windows registry ? after u install it you have t0 enable it by changing registry settings
  14. after changing pagepool to 10mb and re flashing .... sad to say "My Storage" dissapeared on me .... i've flashed my o2 so many many times already and i hardly ever had problems .... although this is the 2nd time "My Storage" disappeared on me :) oh well my phones back at samsung center again ...... i miss my phone already
  15. i wanted to change the page pool size using romtool ... but it doesn't seem to work. i unchecked delete temporary files .... and the tmpOs.nb.NEW seems to have the right new page pool .... but octans won't accept tmpOs.nb.NEW .... even renaming it made no difference. Help please .... msglog
  16. wes romtool doesn't seem to change the page pool size .... no errors encountered .... but page pool remains at 4mb. i unchecked delete temporary files .... and the tmpOs.nb.NEW seems to have the right new page pool .... but octans won't accept tmpOs.nb.NEW .... even renaming it made no difference. Help please solved !!! .... @Bravo you can easily flash back to your official Rom .... even though active sync may not work properly. not using active sync is one thing i've learned to live without. i use PIMbackup to save my data. as for other apps you just need to find the right versions that would work .... you could try active sync thru bluetooth ... i think that works. Dice-no motion Crayon Physics-error message Samsung Main Menu-opens in a corner they all work for me .... digital frame i don't know( i don't use it) try this link for admin config http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-verizo...8000-code-list/
  17. what OS are you using ? ..... i've had some detection problems before on Vista ..... it has to do with using older version of samsung MITS drivers. you better read the guide on flashing again.
  18. can the unlock key be assigned a program ?? i'd like the unlock key to become rotate screen function
  19. seems your phone is not dead yet. flash it again ...... run octans choose your PDA (MST/nbo) ..... click detect .... then connect your phone..... click start downloading
  20. remember to click detect button in octans ... then connect your phone ( your phone must be OFF )
  21. it's not so difficult to use ..... as posted in the first page .... ultralite R0M is for the advanced users ..... people who know what they want to include/exclude from the r0m .... that's why there are cabs provided as well. samsung dialer adds about 10mb ram usage hence ultralite users don't prefer to use it. Many advanced users prefer using other keyboard than samsung's keyboard. FM radio i think isn't included because it would save you space as it can be installed in my storage as no other apps "call" it or use it. WM settings is part of the R0M.
  22. not quite sure if it is 4mb pagepool or 8mb pagepool ..... i did download the 4mb pagepool version ang patched it to 8mb .... though not sure if patched worked. Everything works well and smooth enough .... only downside is usb active sync is buggy.
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