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  1. i'm using sinan's mutant ROM .... SPB mobile shell 3.5.3 with MSKIP proplus ultimate V2 ..... 105MB free ram on boot up ....... carousel is smooth and usable but not with openGL enabled. enabling openGL works and carousel is a bit prettier with reflections but a bit laggy.
  2. tried it unstable and not exactly free .... 3 months free licence only
  3. Sinan's Mutant ROM , SPB mobile shell + MSkip Proplus Ultimate V2
  4. after a few times install/re install Windows mobile device center ....... my usb active sync seems to work just fine now ... or at least on a fresh reboot. Thanks very much for your ROM Sinan ..... fantastic work.
  5. check your PC's bluetooth settings .... maybe it's hidden .... there's a settings usually on being "discoverable" to all devices.
  6. found the missing icons for the sms-mms ..... problem solved ;) my only problem now is .... samsung photopicker doesn't work. ....... solved :) .... the IJ1 photoalbum cab has problem with photopicker .... JD4 photoalbum cab works perfectly.
  7. i just realized there was nothing wrong with the SMS cab you provided ....... it's only missing the chat bubbles .... what you happen to know what file/s that would be ?
  8. how do i make cab files ?? i tested this ROM and i love the samsung SMS-MMS .... really smooth .... as well as the touchplayer. i want to make cabs of these apps ..... how do i go about it?
  9. great work sinan !!! i don't know how to make cabs ..... but i tested JE1 rom and the touchplayer and Samsung SMS-MMS apps were really great .... i'd love to see that combined with this ROM.
  10. you could try using other programs instead of default file manager ...... http://www.pocketpcfreeware.com/en/index.php?soft=1203
  11. you can always use bluetooth active sync w/c works just fine ..... but i have a habit of charging my phone thru my laptops usb.
  12. Opengl is a problem .... with SPBshell .... it freezes the phone if 3D accelerator is used in the options. Also samsung photo picker doesn't seem to work ..... photo album works fine ... and i checked .... photopicker.dll is present .... but somehow photopicker just won't run.
  13. is this correct ? 81.79mB used of total 176mB ram ? that's a lot of ram ....... most ROMs only have 145 to 160mB total ram
  14. great work !!! fastest i've tested i'm still having problem with usb active sync ..... but the bigger problem i've encountered is i think opengl related .... when i press the carousel key of SPB shell it hangs the phone .... this is using your latest upladed rom hmmm weird .... it must be SPB problem and not opengl ..... contacts carousel works fine .... menus carousel hangs the phone SOLVED !!! weird ..... i just turned off "use 3d accelator" in SPB .... it worked .... amazing rom !!! the carousel now works flawlessly amazing speed .... i have always disliked using the carousel of SPB .... but with your ROM there is no lag whatsoever !!!!
  15. SPB mobile shell + MSkip Proplus Ultimate V2 .... on kuanchai lite win6.1 sense 1.3 ROM .... i've given up on most incarnations of TF3D sense UI .... t00 many broken links or too heavy on ram
  16. great rom ! i have a question ...... how can i change the link of the messages tab ... to launch windows sms instead of samsung and vice versa ..... can it be changed thru the registry and if so where ?
  17. Thanks for this ROM .... fast and lite !!! when i tap on the messages tab screen .... i get a whitescreen then htc today screen then goes back to home tab ....
  18. where can i downlad SDKcerts ?? i keep getting error albumsearcher cannot be opened
  19. good for you ..... although next time i'd avise against flashing the eboot ..... unless you think it is really necessary.
  20. just reflash the pda part again. as long as your eboot is intact you can re-flash other parts of the phone over and over again.
  21. here's the link for iphoneToday iphoneToday and TodayClock is here TodayClock easy to install and modify .... just activate them both in settings in ... items on Today. i did make some modifications though ...... the original clock is a bit smaller .... so i just replaced the picture files with larger ones. inside todayclock folder is a config file .... if yu change to a bigger clock it you'll need to adjust offsets for it to display properly
  22. from WinMo 6.1 to 6.5 it's probably best to flash all four parts, otherwise avoid flashing eBoot if possible. As long as your eboot is intact ..... you'll be able to keep flashing other parts even if you make mistakes. the eboot takes only less than 10 secs to flash i think but it's the only part you wouldn't want to get screwed with.
  23. i have both class2 and class6 microSD ...... the difference in performance is not really very noticeable untill you transfer large files. Both suck when transferring a lot of files simultaneusly. transferrring a 1gb file to both cards would only take maybe a minute or less. But say transferring 500mb map tiles consisting of several thousand tiny files takes forever !!!
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