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  1. GC_Lite_8PP_V2.z02: CRC failed in pdaGC8PP.nb0. The file is corrupt downloaded 3 times and it keeps giving me the above error when trying to unzip
  2. Hi may I know what would be recommended Eboot, phone , CSC versions that would go well with this ...... i tried using the stock files from JB1 rom .... my phone would hang after just a minute or less.
  3. found the registry entry to change the link for SMS ..... hklm\software\microsoft\chome\stext\page1 change actionurl value to your desired sms program change SK2url value to your desired sms program i changed it from jinbox.lnk to \windows\start menu\programs\message.lnk ooopss didn't seem to work at all
  4. managed to change contacts launcher to "more apps" thru the registry files ....... still trying to figure out how to change links of the sms messaging ... from tmail.exe to message.lnk
  5. fantastic work by the way !!!!! ..... can i change the links at bottom ? like the voicemail ? i never use voicemail anyway
  6. how can i change CONTACTS to hmmm "more apps" ?? .... i can't seem to add contacts as it seems to work as app launcher as well .... and i guess i prefer it to be an extra app launcher as well
  7. there's abug in the contacts menu ...... i set the scroll bar to the left ...... but after a while it keeps going back to the right ..... buggy samsung sh#$t
  8. Omnia II has a 16gb internal mem version add a 16gb microSD and you're good to go. The free RAM is the main issue i think .... if you can live with not much multi tasking .... Omnia II is good enough otherwise i think the HTC's huge ram is a big big plus
  9. internet cannot download blank means your "start" address is left blank .... personally this i what i prefer ... since you don't wanna waste connection time on explorer connecting to MSN or some site you don't wanna go to whenever you startup internet explorer. i dunno how to change this setting as i don't see any option for it. must be a hidden setting.
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