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  1. Nice review! My question is this! :) What is the image quality like if pointed outside through a window at night?
  2. Thanks Paul for doing this tweaked version of Wallet :) I installed and registered wallet with no problems and attached it to my card registered with Wallet for the Play Store. However I went to McD's this morning to give it a go and the transaction was declined. Not in the end of the world as i paid with my card but i'm not sure why it declined. Perhaps the virtual mastercard isn't activated for using abroad (other than the states). Has anyone had a successful transaction?
  3. Thanks Paul, I've just installed along with TBAP and although TBAP shows the colours when you configure everything it only flashes white :( I'm not sure if i should email lilhermit about this or you? :S
  4. Has anyone got a mirror of this? Filesonic is doing my head in! I just get this: Download Error Free users may only download 1 file at a time.
  5. I've just tried using the hidemy... .com site and i keep being prompted that cookies aren't enabled. Has anyone else tried using the above site to register?
  6. I think if you're an advanced use and understand this is an alpha i think its fine for everyday use as you can get round the issues! Personally i consider my self one and i'm quite happy to use this daily! I wonder if newb5 and corvus will consider doing an update.zip for upgrades or if its better to just nvflash everytime considering things are changing so massively!
  7. I made a post some pages back on how to fix super user. search is your friend :unsure:
  8. I would say so considering the vega port is based on the one fro the adam one. I thought i might just be able to get away with re-pushing the apk's over again but i don't think its going to be that simple, i'll try it anways! :unsure:
  9. to get root working i had to do this... adb remount adb shell chmod 06755 /system/bin/su exit Titanium then worked :unsure:
  10. or...... wait for it.... Honeycomb! :unsure:
  11. agreed! root, wifi, market, i think that will be enough to get started :unsure: Did anyone notice any weirdness when the screen went off? I found that it wouldn't wake :S disclaimer: yes i know this is proof of concept/wip/alpha :P
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