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  1. Thanks for the info, mate. It seems the Finnish Blade sucks too in regards to video recording. Such a shame when all the competitors (LG Optimus One, Sony Ericsson X10 min/mini pro X8, LG GT540 and so forth) based on the MSM7227 platform does VGA at 25-30 FPS.
  2. Get "Android System Info" from Android Market and look what it says under "RAM".
  3. The OSF has among the shittiest video recording capabilities on the market today, with its CIF-resolution (354x288) at 15 FPS. We know the MSM7227 platform is capable of way more than that, with VGA (640x480) at 30 FPS, so that can't be the problem. Either it's a software issue if ZTE never implemented VGA recording for unknown reasons, or if it's the camera sensor that can't hang with anything better than CIF. Question is - Does the Saunalahti Blade suck too, in regards to video recording? If the sensor is different (5 mpix in the Saunalahti Blade vs 3.2 in the OSF) maybe the video recording capabilities could be better as well (assuming the OSF video recording is hampered by its piss poor camera sensor and not just by poor software on ZTE's part).
  4. It's a bit cumbersome, but in the bundled TouchPal keyboard you can long press the button to to left of the space bar (the one with a pen and a dot on it) to bring up directional keys (among other keys). I'm a bit annoyed by this, as I'm used to the trackball on my old phone (HTC Dream), but at least I don't have to tap like five times every time I want to place the cursor exactly where I need it to edit text.
  5. RockPlayer, while offering good filetype/codec support, runs very slow. Most videos "lag" on my San Fran, as well as on my other MSM72xx phones. Not sure what can be done about this other than to hope and pray that RockPlayer gets optimized to be less CPU intensive.
  6. Works fairly good on the San Fran, but there's a bit of graphical stutter on some levels. The MSM7227 is not quite up to the task. Close, but not quite. Still playable though.
  7. I'm stuck in the same place, more or less. I get ADB and everything to work just fine, which tells me the drivers should be ok(?). but when I turn the phone off, pull the battery, replace battery and boot the phone up using volume up and power and then connect the USB cable at the green Android logo, Windows XP no longer recognize the phone. When I run the fastboot command I just get stuck at "waiting for device" indefinitely, and in adb nothing is listed when I run the "adb devices" command. I guess I'll have to stick with the Universal Androot for now, and try to clean out the Orange junk manually (if I can figure out how).
  8. A very good review, Paul! Well done. It always amazes me how much better reviews you find on proper tech oriented sites like this one than you do on the more "well-established" news publications. Their reviews are like a fourth as long and still full of errors.
  9. There are apps that will keep the wifi alive. I'm not sure they will help you in your particular case, probably not, but it's worth a try I guess. I used to use an app called Reconnect Wifi when I had issues with disconnecting wifi that would not reconnect.
  10. I'm sure you've tried this already, but make sure you have connected the 3.5mm plug all the way in. I has this very problem on an old mp3 player, where the volume would be very low unless I made sure to really jam the plug all the way in.
  11. That's interesting. I wonder if that will apply to the SF as well.. in that case we're looking at ~7 mflops/s with 2.2.
  12. Definitely. Overclock + 2.2/FroYo = good s***. The SF will beat that easily as soon as a 2.2 ROM is out, not to mention once it's been overclocked :lol:
  13. lol, no kidding. It's an incredible boost B) Can't wait 'til the Blade/SF gets a 2.2 ROM.
  14. Here's a list of other devices running Linpack, for comparison. A score of 3.8 is not bad for a 600 MHz stock MSM72xx. Compare the 3.8 of the SF to the X10 mini's 2.8 for example. They're both running the same processor (MSM7227 600 MHz).
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