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  1. O2X (MoDaCo Fr16 Beta3) / Quadrant: 2722, 2778, 2791, 2917, 2691 / Smartbench 2011: Prod: 2379, 2442, 2536, 2630, 2590 Games: 2506, 2538, 2530, 2562, 2531 SGS2 (stock, XWKDD + Root) / Quadrant: 3741, 3764, 3762, 3681, 3533 / Smartbench 2011: Prod: 3700, 3510, 3585, 3888, 3629 Games: 2248, 2198, 2188, 2178, 2206 Overall, in normal daily use the SGS2 feels so much faster than the O2X. I'm a bit disappointed that I bought the O2X in the first place :unsure:
  2. I flashed it, and mine is still totally useless. In-call volume at its minimum and still too loud and unclear. I have already gave up on this for now...
  3. Have you found your in-call sound quality to be any better after updating the latest baseband? I think mine is a bit better, but I have to keep the sound level at minimum and still it sounds like it's way too loud and distorting. Is it possible to tweak the sound level somehow? Because of this, the phone is unusable and it is extremely frustrating because you simply cannot hear what the person on the other end of the line is talking about.
  4. Did you download it from the Market? It is not pre-installed, you have to install it yourself.
  5. Nope, but Cyanogen made an updater to get it http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=686627
  6. Just flashed the r16 and the email through IMAP SSL is indeed working. Could this be somehow corrected on the r21?
  7. Cannot setup email account through IMAP SSL. Tried with two different mail systems (Lotus Notes 7 and Icewarp 10). I searched the topic, and some others having the same issue. Any fix for this?
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