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  1. Sh4d0w940

    Unable to resolve external IP over EDGE/3G

    Does the problem also occur when visiting secure (https) sites? Because http uses port 80 and torrents use different ones, so if torrents and https work it might be a problem with port 80. Afaik it's not possible for your isp to block just your laptop, so if they blocked port 80 you should have problems with your phone too and it should be all the time and not randomly. If you still think it's your ISP you could try pdanet, it has some sort of hide tethering option but I haven't tried this myself. To check whether it's a rom related problem you can just make a nandroid backup, flash a different rom and try to tether. If it doesn't work you can just restore the backup.
  2. Sh4d0w940

    Unable to resolve external IP over EDGE/3G

    Maybe try a different app, i.e. Barnacle wifi tether? Otherwise you might need to flash a different rom, but iirc barnacle used to work with cm6.
  3. Sh4d0w940

    i need help in my Huawei U8230 (how to add kernel)

    Use Google before asking please.
  4. Sh4d0w940

    Latest official 2.1 rom (RBM2)

    Maybe you can try to boot the recovery image from fastboot, so instead of "fastboot flash recovery.img" you type "fastboot boot recovery.img" Sh4d0w940
  5. Sh4d0w940

    Live Wallpaper performance

    It stands for the Red Bull Mobile roms. Sh4d0w940
  6. Unpack the official 2.1 update with the perl script, then boot into fastboot and wipe everything. After that you can flash the images you extracted from the official update. Sh4d0w940
  7. Sh4d0w940

    What next after the Pulse - HTC?

    The Desire Z might not be perfect for you as you say you don't text very much, (could just be because of whatsapp etc.) but I'm very happy with it. It's very fast (I didn't even overclock it), has official cm7 and the keyboard is very useful. I don't know any network or package since I'm not in England :D Only thing I can say is you should have (unlimited) internet. Sh4d0w940
  8. Sh4d0w940

    Multitouch possible in theory?

    It would be very nice if you could do that, here's the kernel for U8220/U8230: https://github.com/pulse-android-dev/kernel_pulse If you could compile the kernel with your edited files it might work, since the files look very similair. Sh4d0w940
  9. Sh4d0w940

    How do you set the LAB application?

    You can create a custom shortcut with launcher actions, just like creating any other shortcut. Sh4d0w940
  10. Sh4d0w940

    How do you set the LAB application?

    Just create a shortcut to the phone, and drag that over the button. I don't see the problem? Sh4d0w940
  11. Sh4d0w940

    [ROM] CyanogenMod 7

    I didn't see his last post when I wrote the post, but it still doesn't say he changed his mind or anything. Maybe it's just my own jealousy because I can't develop for the Pulse that much anymore :D Let's just assume the best then, Tom probably gave Antonio permission through pm or something. Sh4d0w940
  12. Sh4d0w940

    [ROM] CyanogenMod 7

    WTH, didn't you read Tom's thread? He explicitly said he didn't wan't people to make a rom like this. If you wan't to try it you can build the rom from source. Since Tom made all this possible and he doesn't accept donations, the least you can you is respect his opinion. But although he said it a few times it might be possible that you didn't see his posts and just read the requests for the rom. Please remove the rom and wait till it gets approved or untill Tom releases it. Sh4d0w940
  13. Search the forum, it's an updata.app, you install it just like any other update. Sh4d0w940
  14. Sh4d0w940

    [ROM] CyanogenMod Plus

    Change the 160 to 140 if you want things smaller, some people even change it to 120 but that's very small imo. Sh4d0w940
  15. Sh4d0w940

    Stuck on 1.5

    These questions are all answered in the guide, look at the topics on top. And if you flash the 2.1 update and it's succesfull you can't be still on 1.5, you probably flashed the December update or the time machine. Please search the forum before asking questions. Sh4d0w940

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