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  1. Hi, i see you mention setting the default storage location as internal or external storage etc, can you say how you set the default storage? thanks Jim
  2. jfran

    Huawei Blaze

    not top secret lol, anyway the code isnt instant i waited over 12 hours to receive it, but in the end I have a decent handset fully unlocked :), try unlock solutions if its unlocked and in stock at P4U, I would recommend that option in the future! hope that helps
  3. Got mine in the end from Tesco, and had to have it unlocked otherwise no major complaints do far other than the slight built quality when compaired to my LG P500, and sometimes the screen can be a bit tempermental
  4. jfran

    Huawei Blaze

    found an online store that unlocked it for a tenner, as there doesnt seem to be a free solution at present Jim
  5. jfran

    Huawei Blaze

    The tesco version is locked unfortunately
  6. So I am guessing you got it from Tesco, was it locked, and if so how did u unlock it cheers Jim
  7. is it just me, but am unable to open any downloaded archive files with .7zip,
  8. you will need to install Recovery manager instead of Rom Manager, there is a thread on this forum regarding it
  9. if memory serves tithering is only present if Froyo.. Android 2.2 so there is no tithering out of the box unless you upgrade the ROM to a 2.2 version available on this site
  10. 2 optinos first using ADB commands to mount and remove the file when in recovery or the easier version would be to remove the apk and then flash the zip file using clockwork fakeflash! rgds
  11. open rom file you downloaded with a zip manager, go to system/apps folder and remove the wavesevure apk file. Next reflash the updated zip with fakeflash RomManager.
  12. at the end of the day its up to u to install them or not, however if you trust the source then there shouldnt be a problem, for instance u should just stick to radios recommended by Paul here, or the radio thread over @XDA-devs..
  13. I have to agree with everyone here, I am on 3UK which is a drain on the battery as it uses 3G connectivity primirily, and would struggle get about a day and a bit with moderate to heavy use, after my last charge I have had on wifi on for a few hours something I never really did in the past and I must admit the 2 day mark is a short time away with over 24% battery left.... great job!!
  14. jfran

    Radio not working

    yes you could try another radio update and see if that helps
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