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  1. 1. Disabling weather is not possible for this skin - Weather Icons are always displayed... And if you would not upgrade your weather there is a red cross shown... - If you only would like to disable UPDATE your weather (because of no internet flat) you can do this under: Homescreen > Menu > Settings > Weather > disable autoupdate 2. The sound from your software keyboard is not part of this skin. You should search in options of your keyboard for this. GreeZ! Freezy1982
  2. You need MortScript (download) first... (Don't forget to install B) ) Then you can use this script by clicking the file in your file explorer. BTW: It's a toggle script, means: run it = turn LS on / run it again = turn LS off Let me know (in the ShortMort Thread) if it worked for you :D GreeZ! Freezy1892
  3. Maybe you can try "Toggle WMSliding Lock.mscr" from here: ShortMort Collection GreeZ! Freezy1982
  4. Place your new CitiesACCU.txt / CitiesGOOGLE.txt / Cities.MSN.txt in "\DEVICE\JMLToday\skins\T_SimplicityV1.0(or V1.1)\JMLToday" and replace. Switch to your Homescreen and click the right Softkey "Menu" and then "Change Skin". You will be asked wich Skin you would like to install - choose Simplicty :D PS: If you don't remove the skin folder from your DEVICE your Cities[...].txt will be stored in future Thats not expected! If you Install JMLToday there have to be a skin folder created automatically (because it contains the "default" skin). Please check once again! If there is no folder "skins" in \Program Files\JMLToday please reinstall JMLToday and T_Simplicity (and maybe your City.txt) once again... (Don't forget to install MortScript & JMLPanex before if you haven't done :D ) Let me know if this helped you... GreeZ! Freezy1982
  5. Thanks for that m0o5! That are Infos I wanted to have! Feedback don't have to be always good - Nothing is perfect :D So I would like to mention, that replacing images isn't such difficult! So If anybody is here, who likes the functionality of this skin but not the look of the Icons - Tell me! If anybody have some Icons he would like to implement in this skin - Tell me! But without creative feedback - I don't know what YOU (I mean all user who are reading right now) would like to have :D GreeZ! Freezy1982
  6. ... 13 Downloads till now... ... no Thanks and no Feedback... :D
  7. Hey Thunder, found a little bug in this ROM: After Softresetting and entering Phone PIN, Telephone is not ready (sometimes) - And you cannot enable it "Phone is off" (Dialer) per ComManager Can you check that please? GreeZ! Freezy1982
  8. I know - But I haven't because of JMLToday :D But - It was the only bug I found... So I HAVE TO mention it here :( Great ROM Thunder!
  9. 30mins-AfterFlash-Test-Report (Ultra-Edition - Fixed Version) Working: - Flashing / Rebooting / Calibration: OK - ROM / RAM after 1st Boot: 264MB / 82MB - BLTH: OK - WiFi: OK - GPRS Internet: OK - Calendar / SMS / eMail: OK - ActiveSync: OK - Change Sounds&Ringtones: OK - Camera: OK - Installing .cabs: OK - AudioGain & TelefonCodes: OK - Dialer: OK - Contacts: OK - Clock & Alarm: OK Not tested: - UC_NET Not working: - right Softkey :D Nice Specials: - Working black Theme - RegEdit / PimBackup / MortScript installed already - useful! Testing goes on... Thanks for this ROM! GreeZ! Freezy1982
  10. Congratulations for finishing your work on this - Looking awesome!!! Thank you for sharing with us! GreeZ! Freezy1982
  11. 30mins-AfterFlash-Test-Report (None-Edition - Not official yet) Working: - Flashing / Rebooting / Calibration: OK - ROM / RAM after 1st Boot: 287MB / 89MB - BLTH: OK - WiFi: OK - GPRS Internet: OK - Calendar / SMS / eMail: OK - ActiveSync: OK - Change Sounds&Ringtones: OK - Camera: OK (Font is a little bit blurred - more than in other ROMs of yours) - Installing .cabs: OK (as far as I tested) Not tested: - AudioGain & TelefonCodes - UC_NET Not working: - Dialer (installed Samsung Dialer by .cab - not working) - Contacts: Opening only a short time - No possibility to select one - Clock & Alarms not working - Error: - .NetCFv3.5 seems to be not initialized. Apps which need CF don't run - Error: "Install CFv3.5" and Installation of CFv3.5 by .cab is aborted with Error: "Newer Version already installed" Testing goes on - Waiting for a fixed version :D GreeZ! Freezy1982
  12. Take your time! Noone is pushing you :( We all would like to have a stable and working one... :D
  13. UltraLight Version isn't ready I think - I will wait for it for a test ;-)
  14. Yipeeyayeee! :( I have read this - But I haven't ever thought that you are so fast!!! - I will test this version soon (I hope today evening) and will give you a report! EDIT: Do I see a Simplicity Custom ROM there??? :D Thanks once again for your work here!!! GreeZ! Freezy1982
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