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  1. installed TCPMP that did the trick, probably i have an old version of Samsung Player. Thank you sir :)
  2. i did install the samsung media player, not sure wats wrong, it just stays blank screen..
  3. can't play any videos that were working earlier, am i the only one facing this problem or some one else is also facing it...
  4. Ok GUys, i know i am the one living under the rocks here, but need help.. Where can i get the latest Samsung Apps, the one i have are not working (Camera, Radio should do it i guess) Also where do i get this sense.rar to download dummy.cab to get things started, thanks guys. @Daskalos : wat would have happened to my phone if you would not have been around...
  5. Hi Guys, been out of action, Daskalos is rocking as always :) how do i get the twitter link guys?
  6. you can flash .mst just like .nbo, its the same thing.
  7. Hi Guys, I am running the sense 2.5 with windows 6.5.3 rom, i am having an odd problem. I am getting wi fi randomly. When i tap in comm manager to switch on wi fi, it sometimes switches on, sometimes it just goes back without switching on. When i do a soft reset 3-4 times, wi fi turns on randomly. It is totally random and has no pattren, sometimes it turns on in one soft reset, sometimes it takes more then 5. Anyone faced this issue, if yes how did you guys fix it.
  8. How can i disable all thelocs, i just don't want t lock my phone. Is it possible to disable them?
  9. lol, thanks for bolding it out :( , i guess i will stickwith 6.5.5 rom for now and probably sometime later when you port sense 2.5 to 6.5.5, try it out then :( But hey thanks dude, you the man :o
  10. i gues i need to flash this first... http://www.modaco.com/content/b7610-omnia-...-rom-available/
  11. ok probaby a stupid question, but still, how do i update that...
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