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  1. so sad. Omnia2 had great hardware... but the software is a major fail
  2. What I am referring to is the software blending of colour bands. Because the 65K colour limitation on the WM 6.5.x, colour bands are very obvious in high quality images. JC1 had some built in colour blending software that tries to smooth the colour transition and emulate the results of a 16M colour display
  3. is colour etching available for this rom? I know colour blends a lot better in JC1
  4. The widgets from that "more widgets" thing is pretty garbage.
  5. ah... so is it XTRA or AGPS? lol can anyone else confirm? or does it have something to do with the CSC file?
  6. for A GPS under samsung settings, does this rom have the XTRA settings? or A-GPS settings?
  7. region code XEE while the other one is euro, so i assume its just different region? please do update us thanks
  8. Tried this last night, don't notice any difference in speed between this and the euro JC1 Main menu is pretty fast, but still a tiny bit of lag. The korean version is still better. Xtra menu is gone, back to the old AGPS menu. Widgets on TouchWizs still reloads everytime i switch between screen, and still lags. looks like I'll be going back to Euro JC1 light thanks
  9. Does the widget plus have pre loaded widgets when you scroll between screens, like the other JD roms?
  10. If this has all the speedy goodness minus the ugly buttons of 6.5.3, im ALL OVER IT
  11. Sounds like there are lots of bugs, as if Samsung release this on purpose and use us a beta testers.
  12. Any way to get this smooth touchwiz and put it on older roms? TOmnia's main menu + JD1's TouchWiz = Finally a decent everyday use experience ;)
  13. I actually love the tiny X and start on 6.5. Never had trouble pin pointing them. I guess I don't visiting Mcdonald as often as some people ;)
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