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  1. I like the galaxy, I am amazed at the amount of bugs in it though, I keep experiencing weirdness all the time with it, just little things that you know are obviously caused by bugs etc. I get reboots sometimes, sometimes usb connections dont work, gps isnt the best (better than it was though), lag was an issue but ok for me now.., and a crap camera, tiny lens and sensor.. I got rid of the horrid lockscreen and back to stock lockscreen... samsung obviously released the phone without much testing. But I have come to enjoy the phone despite its faults, its not for life and Ill definitely upgrade when something way better comes out but i hope to hold onto it for at least a year. Plenty of development going on, maybe not so much here but xda is full of things happening, I imagine that will pick up pace once froyo is officially released too.
  2. Kilack

    YouTube Ripper

    Yeah doesn't exist. apk anyone? or does this need froyo to see it on market?
  3. Kilack


    That is a bug in kies, it doesn't like the long filenames that soundhog uses.
  4. I couldnt find it in market either but the appbrain link works.
  5. Yes you just need to flash the pda with it, make sure you don't tick repartition. It converts all your current data - no loss, process is very quick and smooth.
  6. Lots of cheap 32gig cards are not actually 32gigs. They cheat and make the card report more storage than it actually has. plenty of fake sandisk cards out there doing this too. be careful what you buy, if its too cheap to be true it probably is :huh:
  7. Ive been using this for a few days now. I haven't applied any lag fixes whereas before i was running either the ext4 fix or the ext2 file on top of the samsung rfs. I see little delays here and there with things like loading apps etc but that is fine and they are very tiny and not enough to make me want to bother running a lag fix.. I will probably look at a lag fix when a better one comes out.. eg replacing the native file system just because if you can make it more snappy then why not. GPS definitely seems to be improved, I wouldnt say its there yet but the closest we have seen so far and I am sure samsung are still busy tweaking it. It should be able to perform better still. I think the XFJM6 firmware is pretty good. As more and more people are pointing out quadrant results have nothing to do with how responsive the phone is for general use.
  8. Yeah the GPS results look the most promising so far.. and a few good tracks posted on xda now. You ran the hongkong firmware too right? Did the GPS seem similar? I wonder if anyone has diff'ed the GPS files from this one to the hongkong one to see if they are the same or not. Anyway looks like samsung might be on the right track to getting the GPS sorted. I won't say it is yet as we all know it pays to wait before passing final judgement :huh: but definitely looking hopeful Nice to hear that you think the phone is performing better without lag fixes also. Though that could be just from a fresh install also.... wait until the files get fragmented a bit more etc..;) Is anyone else worried that its a couple of days out from september and the froyo firmware still seems pretty buggy and very beta? I just wonder if they going to rush through the changes to reach the september deadline they gave themselves and push out another buggy firmware and then we will be sitting around waiting for updates etc again....
  9. Interesting article, and the breakdown of what is inside. http://www.eetimes.com/electronics-news/42...or?pageNumber=2
  10. Yes... I always forget when adding new events.. annoying..
  11. Weird, I thought you could only sync with one calendar in android? eg the first account you enter into accounts basically.. Are we talking about different things? I certainly dont get calendar options for any other accounts i add, only for the first.. http://www.google.com/support/mobile/bin/a...p;answer=113880 "In Android devices running firmware version 2.0 or later, you can add additional accounts in your device's Accounts & sync settings. However, at this time, the Calendar app only syncs with one account: the account you used to initially set up your device. So even if you add multiple accounts on your device, Calendar will only sync with the primary account. This is different from other apps, such as Contacts and Gmail, which can sync with multiple accounts."
  12. Awesome :), that will do nicely. Thanks heaps. Hopefully samsung will add group support in future versions but this will solve it for me right now :D.
  13. I have a minor issue with the galaxy and it seems many others do also. The issue is that if you have syncing for contacts on a gmail account it fires down all the contacts and I mean "all contacts" Now because of the way gmail autoadds anyone you send an email to into the group "all contacts" it means anyone you send an email to gets presented in your contact list in the phone dialler. This obviously isn't very nice as you end up with loads of contacts that you dont really want there. Gmail contacts actually consists of groups of contacts. "my contacts" is the group that you manually have to add contacts into and this is the group you actually want to sync with or display. However samsung galaxy doesnt let you choose this, htc phones do and perhaps other android phones. The galaxy does let you choose "don't show contacts with no phone number" but this is no good if you still want a few contacts in there that dont have numbers like I do plus do you really want it syncing loads of people you arent interested in anyway? I've tried several firmwares and all have this issue and I haven't found a way of stopping this.... Using the groupu app you can see that the samsung does actually know about the separate groups but just chooses to work with "all contacts". Anyone have any other good ideas? any apps that fix this? or do we have to wait until samsung address this.. (they have a list) I'm hoping to hear from distortedloop because he is saying that his phone doesn't do this so perhaps there is some hidden setting somewhere ive missed.. thx
  14. As I said htc phones don't have the issue, the galaxy does. If yours isn't doing it then I and a lot of other people would love to know how you fixed it as there are many threads all over the place about it but no proper solutions yet until they fix the syncing and being able to choose the group. One solution is to be use second account to just sync contacts with. The account you have setup to sync contacts with is that the same email account you also send emails from? If you use the gmail app and send an email to some new address you never sent to before does it appear in your contact list? Do you have "display only contact with phone numbers" checked? I really want to get to the bottom of this, would be nice to get it solved and obviously somehow you have. Its not a major thing just an annoyance really, silly little thing that samsung should have thought about... I just have to go through ocasionally and clear out the contact list. You could also log into gmail go to your contacts add a new contact into "all contacts" rather than my contacts, see if it gets synced down to your phone and displayed or not, would be much appreciated.
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