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  1. I think it does solve the problem. But I do have my earlier backups while I was testing other roms and that too have spaces and that did work as well. Dont know why, but anyways, it seems your trick did the job. You are a saver. Cheers man, thanks.
  2. It looks like I am just getting nothing but the errors and probs in last couple of days. I got TWRP ver, everything was working fine until few days ago, just recently I tried taking backup and now its not doing it. Ph- Huawei Y300 with "free your mind rom" external sd card = 16gb Earlier, before flashing the new ROM I did take the backup of Orig ROM and that was fine. After flashing this new rom and installing few apps, now I am trying to take backup it gives following error. In recovery, I tried changing location of taking backup for "internal" and "external" but error remains. I also made sure that there is enough space in both cards "internal" & "external". I also tried to take backup of just one of the partition of 20MB but that also does not work for any locations. Though TWRP does and can copy the recovery log to internal & external cards. The error is - for internal card - - I:Calculating backup details... * Total number of partitions to back up: 5 * Total size of all data: 507MB * Available space: 1122MB [bACKUP STARTED] * Backup Folder: /internal_sd/TWRP/BACKUPS/087A4C963045/2013-10-11--08-39-11 FreeYourMind_v.1.4 / E:Unable to create folder: /internal_sd/TWRP/BACKUPS/087A4C963045/2013-10-11--08-39-11 FreeYourMind_v.1.4 (errno=22) I:Copying file /tmp/recovery.log to /internal_sd/recovery.log Copied recovery log to /internal_sd. changed location of storage to external- I:Calculating backup details... * Total number of partitions to back up: 5 * Total size of all data: 507MB * Available space: 8869MB [bACKUP STARTED] * Backup Folder: /sdcard/TWRP/BACKUPS/087A4C963045/2013-10-11--08-39-50 FreeYourMind_v.1.4 / E:Unable to create folder: /sdcard/TWRP/BACKUPS/087A4C963045/2013-10-11--08-39-50 FreeYourMind_v.1.4 (errno=22) p.s. * I also flashed the recovery again but that didnt help as well. In TWRP I just tried "advanced" - "Reload theme", the button flashes but clicking on the middle button which shows the executed details, it shows E:Failed to load package. What to do?
  3. Brilliant... Thanks man that sorted. That was link, I created as you said and it did work, no more disappearance of the shortcuts.. thanks, really helpful :D appreciated!!
  4. May be I m not able to understand some missing steps.. I have attached some pics here Please look at it, I have tried uploading it step by step.. image-1 - system settings - default store location - set to sd card img2 - link2sd - store location - set to external (the whole process I tried with Internal as well but have not taken the pic for ref) img3 - link2sd settings - as u mentioned I have ticked all img4 - link2sd storage info img5 - App - Android sensor box moved to sd card img6 - created shortcut for it on home screen Now I connected phone to computer, to use files from sd card - (mounting sd card - for copy etc) img7 - the app shortcut disappears - as soon as things are mounted and connected to PC img8 - as u mentioned, I recreated scripts, as while partitioning in TWRP I had used ext4, so here also I used ext4... Nothing works as u can see... same process i tried with "Internal" as well as mentioned earlier. what am i doing wrong?
  5. Ok, my phone is Huwaei Y300 and am using "Free your mind" ROM at the moment. There are two places for setting default storage location 1) System settings > Device > Storage > "Default storage location" >> a) SD Card ... b) Internal Storage 2) Link2SD > Settings > Install location > a) Automatic.. b) Internal... c) External where do I set this default installlocation to "internal" please?
  6. Could please tell me how and what app do u use to move apps to SD-Ext? I have done a full wipe, proper format the card, and clean install. We have 1GB Internal SD-Card space - thats where I dont want to put and fill up the space. I have 16GB card, partitioned 1GB as ext SD-card (Ext4). I have set to use "External" in Link2SD. But all my apps are moved to "SD-card" and not "SD-Ext" partition?
  7. In Huawei Y300 we got Android ver 4.1.1, original EmotionUI used to put all apps on the main screens, no drawers facility. Changing ROM to FusionX or Free your mind or Touch.... any I have noticed this behaviour. Using Link2SD to move files to Ext-SD partition, just to save some extra space on internal SD card. All light weight apps are moved to SD card. Scenario- Made a few short cut of those few apps (SD-card) on main screen, so that u can access it easily - a general behaviour. Made at least one folder on Main screen and put one- or few apps (SD -card) shortcuts in there. - a simple use of grouping via folder. Now when u connect the phone to your computer for transferring files to/from phone, as soon as internal and external SD card appears on the Laptop, on the Phone's main screen, the direct links and the links we made in the folder for Ext-SD card apps - disappears. I understand that its not accessible at this point of time - but it just DISAPPEARS. Now ejecting the mounted drives from Laptop for Int/Ext-SD cards, the phone would mount back the SD cards, but the DISAPPEARED links does not come back and remains empty in place... My question is, is this the beaviour of the ROMs as its ported from original ROM or is the problem with Android ver which is 4.1.1?
  8. you have to use the drivers from their site, download and install, then it would work.
  9. Hi Came across your post about original recovery for G300. Is it possible to get original recovery for Y300, which is ver (3e) checking in recovery mode? Thanks
  10. National Holidays??? That many.... I bloody feel like going to china and live there... :P who gets that many holidays in one go...
  11. I guess, if they are not gonna give the code then I m not gonna like this EmotionUI and bl***y unrooted phone with Stock ROM as its no fun, and gonna give it back then.
  12. I have filled in the form http://www.huaweidevice.com/worldwide/servicePolicy.do?method=preUnlock last week wednesday, the code didnt come so I did it on friday, thinking some web problem might have occured, nothing happened so I emailed them on [email protected] but they havnt replied or sent any code, I did check my spam folders as well. My question is has anyone succedded recently in getting the code from Huawei?
  13. Thanks Saurabh, sorted, managed to flash orig stock rom properly. If your boot animation is not sorted yet, then I guess Ihave another idea for that as mine just set right in normal boot and in fast boot. let me know if you want to. Thanks
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