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  1. I have had my Honor 7 for 6 Months, Over those 6 months I have done a factory reset 4 times as I have run out of storage completely. I store all my photos on Google photos and delete the local copy regularly, My music is streamed by Play Music and I've reduced the size of the Cache. With the exception of Chrome and my Banking app that is more or less all I use my phone for! The amount of storage "available" for a 16GB is terrible. I've had 8GB phones with more storage than this!, The MCR helped free up a fair amount of space, But not enough! Is there ANY way to enable Marshmallows Adoptable Storage?
  2. Does anyone know why Im still stuck with the annoying icon backgrounds? Its only on 3 apps however which is strange. I've done a full wipe and reinstall even reapplying the theme but still can't get rid of the background on those 3 apps
  3. Currently awaiting delivery of a G9. Hoping its cheap and cheerful, not painful.
  4. Anyone got any input on the Elephone G9?
  5. Apparently 4GB storage (2gb user accessible)
  6. Forgot to add the pictures. Sorted now :P Reserved incase needed.
  7. Coming soon. In the meantime enjoy some photos of the easiest phone I've every taken apart. Parts (Everything you will need is included)
  8. Gave this a shot. Doesnt work as well as I hoped. Any other suggestions?
  9. I'll donate you a P4 2.6 2GB Ram for builds. Ahah! How long do your builds take anyway? Perhaps its time to submit it to CM9? Thier builds take a nice 18 Mins (Fastest i;ve seen)
  10. Ask and ye shall receive! Currently in the process of uploading the missing files from a HOW-TO I posted a while ago. http://www.beeandroid.net/downloads/crescent/TMV/Unlock_VIVACITY.zip
  11. Dazzozo's twitter seems to say that he's fixed video recording. Can't tell if it fixes panorama.
  12. I may get my hands on on of these again and possibly past it on to a developer. Let me contact the Miui guys I was talking to before.
  13. I tried T-Mobile today, Guy said id be better just replacing the phone. Looking at 40-60 quid replacement from them. phones down to £70-80
  14. Its done it again today despite a ready its stock B885.
  15. Just a heads up, I had the phone one me today, and no once was my screen on. Beyond checking it had charged this morning. 9 Hours later the battery was flat dead. Checking battery usage for some odd reason, The phone did not go to sleep at all, and was awake the full 9 hours, Hence is death. Running B885. Anyone else had said issues?
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