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  1. Same here...tried ever rom possible...thanx to daskalos and other developers.. but still cant get wat i want...the applications are outdated...the development has almost stopped...d continuos lags....!! i m thinkin of selling this phone n gettin an android... still....its a gr88 phone for ppl ready to experiment...!!:)
  2. today while usin my phone....d battery fell from 49% to 7% in almost a second....i was shocked to see it...after resetting d device it then showed 16%...why did this happen??!! ne xplanation??!
  3. nice n fast rom... n also d ring delay is gone :angry: thanx again daskalos for ur great contribution!! @daskalos:i was jus wondering whether we cud skin the default notifictaion bubble....is it possible???coz i had it in a custom rom for my previous wm phone....
  4. i cannot overclock above 850 mhz...sense tends to carsh!!:angry: ne help?? n also how to set performance in advance config tool?!?
  5. awesome is d word :) daskalos...ur d supercook...thanx for ur efforts... but wen r we gettin to taste ths delicious treat?!:D
  6. @daskalos:hav u tried d JE2 Rom??its actually fast even after eating some ram.... maybe u can make a megalite version of the je2 firmware n put sense on it?!? can we xpect this in future??!!:D jus a thought...:)
  7. @daskalos:in the video...u r usin samsung keypad....whr can we get d cab?? thanx:)
  8. will be waitin eagerly...:D thanx daskalos...
  9. wen is it arriving??!! cant wait ne longer!!:lol:
  10. cant wait...will flash as soon as it is uploaded!!:D n welcum back daskalos...:lol:
  11. is it possible to use d GPS wid google maps??!
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