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    Galaxy tab S2 8.0
  1. HI, I'll take this thanks. How do you want payment? And just to check that it's the UK version?
  2. Hi Mike, is this still available?
  3. stoney1973

    Nexus 9 Review

    Great review Paul, probably the best one I've read about the Nexus 9 so far. Realist to boot as well.
  4. Still too much.This belongs in the £350 range. Yes, it looks nice, but it's not worth £450.
  5. Ahem...I would very much like one if possible.... Edit: scratch that. Keep up the good work dude.
  6. Nice article Paul, regarding CyanogenMod, is it possibly to watch skygo if CM is installed?
  7. Having exactly the same problem, on the very same device.
  8. Almost looks like the leaked photos of the LG Nexus apart from the capacitative buttons
  9. You think it will do texts and phone calls? May sell the galaxy tab 2 7.0 3g if so...
  10. So exactly which rom/kernel have you got installed? I've flashed most of the roms/kernels available on xda, and not had the problems you have, neither have I seen anyone else post anything similar on xda. Rom manager works fine with sgs2, I use it to flash CM nightlies, had no problems. Once you have flashed the first CM7 nightly the 'hard way', as per instructions on cm thread at xda, then you can flash the nightlies using Rom manager. I run CM7 on my sgs2, I have got villainrom 2.4.2 running on my wifes Sgs2. It sounds to me like you have flashed cf-root, then flashed a stock kernel to get rid of the yellow triangle, done it wrong, and therefore lost clockwork recovery/root. Just remember, rom manager is a 'fake flash recovery', it require your phone to be pre-rooted. It will not root your phone for you. To root, you have to use an insecure kernel and superoneclick, or a cf-root kernel.
  11. That thread you have linked to is closed and isn't being worked on anymore. Spacemoose is instead working on bringing 3.2 to the Tab due to it already supporting 7" screens. The new thread is :http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1148582
  12. The 'Jupiter' release is very slick. Theres a new Rom Dev now, with a rom called Boca 2.3.4. Still has some rough edges, but it's definitely one to watch. Has some tablet tweaks, etc.
  13. I use the Overcome rom on my Tab, I have never used Heimdall to flash it though. It flashes through cwm recovery. (NOT ROM MANAGER!) They have a good step by step guide. http://www.teamovercome.net/?page_id=64 The current Overcome Rom is based on 2.3.3. They are a good bunch.
  14. Paid £10.63 for my SGP Ultra oleophobic screen protector. Bought from http://www.exportprive.com/samsung-screen-..._1224_1232.html
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