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  1. Update. ggwfnh improvement works. THX Needed two restarts for it to be OK. First issues encountered: 1. Camera reports No sd card. System reports only 770MB of which 300MB free. 2. Browser is not working. Crashes on start. 3. Bar-code reader does not auto focus the camera and therefore not usable.
  2. 1. Backup!!! 2. Extract the o2auto directory to the root of 'My Storage' on your o2 3. Run haret.exe from the directory in the o2 4. Wait until it finishes and restarts 5. Run haret.exe from the root of 'My Storage'
  3. Any chance of combining this install method with the cyanogen mod? I'm lost
  4. This was installed OK. THX voyteckst :D Only it does not look like it is Cyanogenmod :unsure:
  5. THX voyteckst, Is this the Chinese file (10.7MB) in post #1864986 ? Will try to download it
  6. Hi, Auto install is not working. Partitions are not created correctly on the SD or cannot be used. I have 16GB sandisk card formatted by the minitool (it leaves empty space at the beginning of the card) Have tried creating partitions. No luck. Either hang with "end?" message or crashes. Can someone help on the recommended partitions for this card and how to invoke install after creating them? (Card is fine on WM)
  7. Got the same ROM and config with no problems (long key with letters too). It could be a router config problem. Check capital letters, type of encryption (AES) , Preamble config in the router, router firmware update. Please include your router's make and model.
  8. I have a problem with the camera's auto focus since day one and with different firmware version. It seems that this device auto focus is not functioning right causing a lot of blurred pictures. Please search the forum. This is without mentioning very poor pictures in indoor pictures (low light ?) My camera was not bought in my country so I am waiting for the right time to return it for service. Although I think it is a bad design or part and not a malfunction.
  9. WOW :D This has to be translated and ported to O2 somehow. Even if it involves Facebook against Samsung :P
  10. Any dictionaries other than the default FRA-ENG-FRA that can be installed for use in the translator?
  11. For some reason I cannot record calls made to my service provider. Record is enabled on the screen but nothing happens when I press it. Calls to other numbers are recorded fine! Can a service provider block call recording on my phone for a specific call ??? Is there a fix for this?
  12. Is this a new English ? :rolleyes:
  13. Could not agree with you more. My thought is that Samsung wants international users to abandon 'old' device like I8000 for newer (not necessarily better) Android device. Users / Customers should remember which companies supports their device until they are working fast and stable. This should have been done by Samsung BEFORE releasing the device to the market and NOT two years later If someone from Samsung reads this, Please note: There are a lot of unhappy i8000 customers out there, still waiting! Good friends of modaco are not your development team and paying customers are NOT your beta team. They can be your good ambassadors or very bad ones. Your choice.
  14. Need your help Please I want to install it to the sdcard (16GB) I keep receiving kernel panic when starting install My partition list from the kernel panic is b300 8028160 mmcblk0 driver mmcblk b301 1 mmcblk0p1 b305 7503872 mmcblk0p5 b306 524286 mmcblk0p6 b308 15558144 mmcblk1 driver: mmcblk b309 1 mmcblk1p1 b30d 15558143 mmcblk1p5 Which parameter should be used in the startup.txt ? How can I install to sd card?
  15. 'Original' data taken from my device 251,398 108,681 113,116 392,115 396,682 These values are device (hardware) dependent anyway and calibration can be done using settings - display and light - align screen

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