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  1. Hi too all, well it`s quite a bit since I`ve changed from b7610 and not regarding it :D ;) Now I have a problem in iGO, I know how to enter any address in it, but i have a difficulties with address like these: MALTA Bisazza Street, Sliema SLM 1643 Sliema is recognized both way as a word and as a number SLM1... but than??? Anybody know how to? :) THANKS ps. don`t worry it is not a government building! Its a pizza hut... and I am HUNGRY (back-up plan if the food won`t be any-good) :D
  2. The 6.5 is adictable, more usable, finger friendlier BUT when i tried Thunder`s 6.1... I really have to try the original 6.1 :) I`ll report if it is good or bad to the bone ...
  3. So you are saying you have the original B7610XXII6 WM version: WM6.1? So let me know where to DL it :)
  4. B7610XXII6 WM version: WM6.1 So, does anyone have it??? Is that the best version of 6.1?
  5. can someone help me get the original 6.1 B7610XXII6 ? I have tried the link and registering, but i wasn`t succesfull
  6. So, enough is enough :) I am going for 6.1 versions. I just changed to yours Thunder v3 6.1 and want to know where can I find samsung setings. I just changed the .nb0 file on phone, do i have to do anything more? Because now the phone is working great.
  7. WWE ULTRA.... had problems with fonts, every charackter in opera was in chinese (unreadable), plese check for these ps. changed to daskalos 30.10.2010 megalite PS2. what about if we make one good rom, with one cook and than improve it. Here are many roms and yet just few worked perfect
  8. werd ich mal ausprobieren :D ach, jetzt gleich ist am besten oder nicht :(
  9. will you make an updated version with XDA_UC? it is really a usefull thing :( ps. just changed from daskalos 6.5 3.9.2010 :D
  10. last rom sux, I even don`t want to try anymore those ekstra mumbojumbo light roms. To much work for just sending sms/mms, calls, apointments and some pdf... It would really be nice to see everything working in mega ekxtra light rom, but yeah.... I`ll figure out my own best rom... version 3.9.2010 daskalos
  11. y3s gr34t.... WTF And we do have, like 30 people to test the rom ...
  12. I try one rom after another but keep coming back to that one, really good build. Still didn`t find anything not working....
  13. please don`t judge me but, we have a good cook daskalos, GNick, THunder (sorry if I wrote it incorect) and a helper ENERGY, so they could make a good solid rom. And also the finances are short and so on... no body will donate anything... just my opinion.
  15. Many weeks have passed. It would be nice, if you let us know where you live, country. So it would be easy for sending the device to you. ;)
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