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  1. use this guide http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2419562
  2. hi yonn.. thanks for your great rom.. very fantastic as always..
  3. installed the cab and soft reset but to no avail.. :) thanks.. i did that in other builds, changing the start menu to colored one by overwriting the xx_bubble_flag.png found in the windows folder.. but this build i'm currently using has no bubble_flag file..
  4. hi there master ock... B) currently using your old build lite 21901 with SPB mobile shell w/ mskip's win7 theme.. how can i change the black n white start button to colored one.. i can't found a xx_bubble_flag.png in the windows folder... thanks..
  5. im currently using pdhee's rom which has favorite hackings cooked in.. im used to ock's roms which has a good and smooth scrolling.. also, i installed FtouchSL, nothings changed.. thanks..
  6. sorry.. i'm in a wrong topic.. i already checked previous pages in this post of thistopic but to no avail.. i just thought anyone can help me here.. :)
  7. hi guys.. can you please post some cabs or registry tweaks on how to improve scrolling and touch response? i've been using ock's rom lately, his roms has smooth scrolling..now i want to try pdhee but lacks smooth scrolling esp. on start menu..currently using pdhee's iphone today rom..thanks
  8. how do you change your home screen plusplus & iphone today looked transparent.. thanks!!
  9. how to disable vibration feedback on my iPhoneToday shortcut (at homescreen)?
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