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  1. LENNY UK thanks for all your help. Mega nice chap! I just formatted the phone booted up and showing 25gb free... Hopefully I can start fresh now! Thanks again
  2. In TWRP /Data Empty :s Should I just format everything and start again?
  3. Super confused hah, Like i said, Recovery sees the old one, phone and mac see new. I tried ES file manager and then Astro , also selected show hidden files
  4. Thanks for trying to help. The Data folder is empty ? And whatever else I go into is the new files not the old ones?
  5. Got everything working in the end... Fun times. Confusion now lies in my phone storage, I seem to have two areas of my phone, new and old and I cannot get to the old. After installing fresh and booting into sense with no pictures/music etc my phone only has 8gb left. The Download folder I see when I plug into the Mac is completely different to the download folder that rom manager sees? Any ideas on how to get back my old data? Or get rid completely so I am back up to full storage? Thanks
  6. What am I missing ?! :( Haven't used ADB in ages, says device found? then not found?
  7. Looks great, very fluid. Q: Extra size of rom required? Q: Potential to select HTC Sense apps inside the stock rom. Or a selection tool for choosing; Phone Launcher Camera Calendar Gallery etc. for each?
  8. Any chance of Photosphere working for the ONE?
  9. Spoke to three. They will do a one time swap out. But no stock at the moment. I can have a black one at the end of the month or wait for silver to come back
  10. Also having this issue. Going to contact ThreeUK and get them to swap it out. Its a pain in the arse. Got stuck in an app earlier for a minute when I needed my phone
  11. Im not enjoying the multiasking either. Coming from stock. Then Cyanogen mod 10 with the cancel all button also. I feel this could do with some work for sure
  12. I sold my 16gb N7 as soon as rumour mill started. I now really want to replace my galaxy nexus with the Nexus 4 - price is amazing but I cannot buy a 16gb phone (AGAIN) Not sure now if to buy the 10" 32gb or the 32gb N7... Mmmm... Of that Google page said 32gb N4... I would want it yesterday
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