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  1. Is there any particular operation required? I can not disable the autorotation on my i8K(JD6 with Sense UI)
  2. I think problem may lies in the drivers you installed. It should be Win Vista drivers not XP drivers.
  3. Using Resco file explorer, it's much easier to use~~
  4. nice done. Have tried. Some bugs when switch between landscape mode and portrait mode. Also a little laggy, but improves a lot.
  5. I have flashed your rom, it works perfectly on my phone. I am always attracted by lite roms since i can decide which application i can install and use. Very elegeant work, thanks anyway
  6. Thank you for sharing , i am really eager to customize my own rom.
  7. Thanks buddy, really thanks. I have spent lots of time finding this documents and tools. many thanks
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