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  1. Used link from here a while back, so leaving mine now :D Please join with this link: http://db.tt/MDL3JBV
  2. Same thing now with me. Worked fine for the last month or so, and now it doesn't work :) Unchecking fastboot is esentially the same as restarting the phone, so no help there.
  3. Great work Paul! A question: I was under the impression that you don't need ENG HBOOT to flash the recovery? Isn't it possible to use dd command below when Android is booted up once we insmod "wpthis" module, without S-OFF? dd if=/sdcard/recovery-clockwork- of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p21
  4. Same thing here on final version.
  5. Eddie1506


    Will Modaco deal for Desire HD ship in Croatia too?
  6. He's talking about the new OTA update for HTC Hero (updates to version 3.32.405.2), that brings back G-Sensor calibration to our phones. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=750033
  7. I've had problems with Sense restarting three or four times a day. No FC, just shuts down and restarts. I've read on some forums that Sense music app can be the cause of it if the SD card is somehow corrupted. So I took out my SD card, copied all data from it, did a full format, restored data and not a single restart since then. PS. Not using A2SD.
  8. Yeah, it's 2.1. He just quoted the wrong news. They're one after another.
  9. Actually, you quoted the wrong passage ;) Correct one is: After installing the update, you can confirm a successful update by confirming the Firmware version (From the Home Screen go to MENU> Settings> About Phone> Firmware version). The new Firmware version will be 2.1.
  10. Eddie1506

    signing rom

    You need a program called testsign.jar and Java installed on your Windows. Extract the ROM, modify it, zip it back up, put it in the directory where testsign.jar is located and then from cmd do this: java -classpath testsign.jar testsign myrom.zip myrom-signed.zip
  11. Try clearing data for Google Talk Service in "Manage apps".
  12. No need for Nandroid, it doesn't touch or affect radio in any way.
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