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    I've been thinking about this crazy idea for a theme for some time. This theme was designed totally with one goal in mind: to imitate the idea of a Mac Dashboard with it's randomly placed "widgets." And while there is a lot going on with this theme, I did try to make is functional as well. In this skin you will find . . .

    A taskswitch (white cross)
    a profile switcher
    a message center with graphic alerts
    a small functional digital clock in the top bar
    a bluetooth widget
    a "Carrier Monitor" with signal meter and carrier text
    a Fizz Weather widget
    a battery center with digital readout (and the icon changes as well, more on that later)
    a memory widget revealing graphic meters and digital readouts for device, storage, and a storage card
    a lava lamp (which currently mimicks the battery function)
    a calendar widget (which can show up to two appointments before scrolling, any quick launch apps you want to define through facade, and task view) with the working calendar icon
    an analog clock (which the second hand could be removed to save battery life)
    and a "Get A Mac" ringtone :D

    I've already received some good feedback on this theme. I'm looking forward to hearing any ideas you have for it. Also, I did not even try to do a non-orange version of this skin - there is just no way to cram everything together like I did without orange. So, make sure you take a look at the readme file I've included before trying to install this theme.





  2. Free


    At the link below I have three versions of this skin: One with phoneAlarm Fizz Weather and facade, one with phoneAlarm, fizz, facade and the orange plugin, and one version ("lite") that only uses facade and fizz weather.




  3. Free



    Just posted the latest version(s) of this theme: 3.4 and 3.5 (X)

    - 3.4 now includes the Smartmonitor plugin on the first page

    - 3.5 (or Xtreme as I'm calling it :D ) includes a functional, dynamic calendar button and today's forecast in the place of a button on the second page.

    Please see the readme file I've included before trying to install this theme on your phone. Enjoy.




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