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  1. ok im really new to this. I have a sprint hero flashed with modacos 2.2 custom rom. rebooted into recovery wiped sd, partitioned sd, wiped data, installed update(modaco 2.2) .zip, Ive read apps2sd is automatic but my internal memory is going down, sd memory staying the same. I go into astro file manager into sd and is only rossy scroll. noting in system/apps. tried to upgrade ex2 to ex3 and no affect. partitioned sd to swap 52, ext2 512 and ext3 to remainder and no matter what i do ext2 or ext3 i check sd memory in settings and it stays the amount in remainder. can anyone help please???.would really like apps to go to sd thank you very much :D
  2. hi im having trouble my apps arent going to sd on modaco 2.2 on hero can someone help?
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