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  1. Perhaps it is just me although I tried numerous browsers from my phone and also from my laptop, but I could not download the module? I get to the ROMraid download screen, 1st server is selected, but when I click Download nothing happens.... also probably worth pointing out that although the web page asks me to complete the Captcha and select the download option, there is no Captcha displayed. Perhaps this is why I can't get the module? Many thanks and best regards
  2. It could still perform better than handsets which are, on paper at least, better spec'd but crippled by poorly built iterations of operating system. Only time will tell; if this is priced and marketed at the right point it could still come out well. It does feel though that ZTE are losing and momentum they had previously gained by launching uncompetitive handsets aimed squarely at a market sector which is already more than spoiled for choice. ZTE; this is your chance to silence a few (money spending) critics and show us what a reasonable design and thoughtful marketing approach can achieve.....
  3. Weezle

    TSF Launcher

    Tried TSF and Next, I was not suitably impressed with either; TSF Shell was waaaaayyy too buggy, especially so for the price tag - it would be like buying a supercar and finding out that it only works on a Wednesday and only within 4 miles of home, and Next just felt sluggish and uninspiring. Just in case anyone is interested I am currently running Apex launcher although I am still considering a return to the stock LG Optimus 4X HD launcher. It lacks themes and toys etc but for a stock launcher it is not half bad....
  4. So, I played with TSF Shell for a while and here is what I report back: Looks good, didn't seem to hit the battery too much despite the 3D effects and features. An interesting concept in launchers, it clearly stands out from the crowd in terms of both look and feel, found it *mostly* intuitive to set up and use BUT it seemed somewhat buggy with widgets; frequently lagging or opening the wrong app for the widget displayed. For the cost of it, and it is "only" a launcher, I would hope for a little more in terms of immediate usability; paying this much for *any* app is a big ask of most users let alone for a launcher - I think that many would try to persevere with the bugs and quirks until the next update (the dock for one!) purely to justify having shelled out (pun fully intended). That said, I am looking forward to the next release to see how that compares....
  5. One for the more advanced user I feel ;) some of those features would easily turn a very nice handset into a small plastic brick... I have Titanium Root installed for most of my similar needs (the more advance features of Andromizer Pro I feel I would not need or use), and it is free too for those on a budget
  6. I used AnTuTu on a previous phone (ZTE Blade) but the handset I have now I feel does not need overclocking. I still use AnTuTu to control the processor speed though; it really doesn't need to be whirring a way at maximum speed when the phone is idle.
  7. I also prefer GO SMS Pro as a text message handler; it is not too bulky (at the time of writing; just look what happened to the once excellent GO Launcher...) and is easily customisable with either a downloaded theme (lots of free ones available as well as paid downloads for relatively little money if you want) or you can customise with your own backgrounds and colours. I know it doesn't really address your OP but I thought I would chip in anyway. Perhaps a developer may have the stock SMS app?
  8. From what I have seen, most people have a clock or clock/weather widget on their homescreen; adding another clock as a live wallpaper just looks confusing and wastes battery for me
  9. what is the advantage of this over built in task manager or other similar third party apps? I have one installed and wondering if it is worth changing?
  10. tried Next Launcher, spent some time playing around with it, didn't like it.... Uninstalled, going to give TSF Shell a whirl...
  11. TSF Shell is another expensive option, and still *just* a launcher.....
  12. Is it *really* worth the price tag? Ok, it looks very pretty, and those with high-end devices will undoubtedly feel the 3D effects are making good use of the technology available, but..... it is still only a launcher and compared to the cost of many other apps.... I am dubious to say the least. Opinions anybody?
  13. Ok, so I am looking for an alternative to the stock launcher on my Optimus 4X HD, I tried installing Regina but it failed on startup every time. Any suggestions from those who have tried and tested anything? Ideally free, with a little eye candy but still needs to be reasonably easy on the juice.... I am open to ideas (other than "get a different handset" lol)
  14. There comes a point where a small touchscreen is too small to be practical, and generally users want more and more screen space and resolution. It is possible that in the future we will see a generation of "small is beautiful" handsets but for now at least it seems to be that big, clear screens are here for now. Personally I like them and the screen size was an important factor (I currently have a 4.7 inch screen), perhaps when I come to upgrade again I will struggle to find something I like?
  15. for what it is worth, I much prefer the "grown up" look of my Optimus 4X (I got the black one). Regardless of software etc (I have owned Windows phones and Android phones) I think the handsets in the leading pic of this article look childish and remind me somewhat of a certain Scandinavian construction toy. If you want to make your phone look more colourful, there is always the option of a nice cheery case.....
  16. Weezle

    TSF Launcher

    that looks like quite a price for what is essentially just a launcher. It may well be good but I am not shelling out that kind of money (for what it is) to find out.......
  17. Indeed, unlocking the bootloader will pave the way for much development work but it seems LG don't want us to....
  18. I had a scout about on the interweb and found this on XDA Developers forum http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=29868577 well, the short story is that it works so now I have a rooted phone and am busy downloading all manner of interesting apps :D
  19. I found this whilst researching the OSD http://www.androidnova.org/unlocking-orange-san-diago/ Can anyone confirm that it is safe and it unlocks the phone to other networks? I am tempted to buy one but I am on a different network.... Thanks
  20. I have CM7 on my Blade and am using the Android Music Player that came with the ROM but there are numerous other players out there and I am thinking it is time for a change.... What is your favourite player, and why?
  21. If you have backed up the SD card to your PC as per step 1 then you can copy the files back across via USB. To do this, you will need to go into ClockwokMod and enable USB tethering. Copy the contents back across and everything should be exactly as it was before but now with the new partions.
  22. I currently use ADW Launcher because it was integrated into the CM7 ROM I am using and it does what I need it to, previously I used GO Launcher which I found to be usable and had some nice customizable features, if not a little resourch hungry for what it was (although that is perhaps in part due to the stock OSF ROM being a tad bloated and clunky). I would try some others but tbh what I have fits my needs and as an engineer I am inherently lazy ;-)
  23. "Signal booster stickers" are nothing more than a sticker - it is beyond the realms of physics to expect them to amplify a signal! Equally pointless are the advertised "radiation blockers"; not only will they do little or nothing positive but may also degrade you mobile phone reception. Finally, it is probably woth pointing out that ISO 9001 is more to do with process control and record keeping than any kind of technical ability, and that CE marking is not in any way an approval; it is a European self-declaration. It is very difficult to find anything that would make me trust this website!
  24. is it possible to contact the vendor regarding connector positioning? Given that the portait model has the micro USB dead centre, I would imagine that unless stated otherwise the same would apply to the landscape version.
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