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  1. installed 2011-09-20: Froyo beta2 automatic SD card installer. keyboard does not work , no network did i do something wrong pls help downloaded everything android boots up byt annot use keyboard and no service
  2. nothing works if anyone can help pls
  3. everything is working fine in the new froyo except i gett some process.com.google cool dev team thanks for this lovely update
  4. can anyone tell me step by step guide , installing the new foryo do i have to rename the 2d3d drivers? its a bit confusing please,, i already have android running on my b7610
  5. sorry to say but i installed this app, the app starts the rooting process but hangs in between ,
  6. put it on my storage (the file .sh) but still one of my apps says i have to root first pls help
  7. dhawal i will be online on monday wiill hlp u pm me ur yahoo chat id or fb chat
  8. can anyone guide me to do calibration of screen is it possible? and also how to make compass work?
  9. ok 2 days and no SOD's re 46 rocks,, i think i sorted out the sod problem by using the gesture control lock, from the time i have put lock no sod's cans anyone else try it?
  10. i downloaded angry birds and its working like a breeze in the new rev 46
  11. i have been using rev 40 without any problems , ocassionally sod once or twice, can anyone give details of latest rev 46 details?
  12. rev 40 is working better with good battery life and less phone heating may be i dont know but a clean install might hlp but the rev 40 it good or better than 29
  13. Rev40 working fanstatic no sod, whatsap working like a breeze, less phone heatup more battery life, previously it would drain my battery in max 15 to 20 mins and now its way up coooooollll work thanks you only my time is not setting properly thanks
  14. i have not used wi-fi, sms is creating some problems, sometimes it just cant send sms, but works ok after restart, phone is getting heated up and the battery drians very fast, also what apps , not working if anyone can help pls AND also my time is never set , as soon as i restart i have to set time again / i can receive but can send sms
  15. WHATSAPP not working , i dont get message for validating, and voice validating also not working somehow worked today
  16. thank you all today i am posting from my android phone the only problem is i cant send sms pls help NOTE : SOLVED BY JuST RESTARTING
  17. i am very new to this so please bear my silly questions , i want to ask you is that when i install android , will ( or how will) i be able to start win ? pleas let me know
  18. thanks but i cant see the the #2 post please can u put it in
  19. hey sumit i need to nail them i am not that conversant with all he tech stuff, the samsung guys actually agreed for a refund because of my complaint , but just b4 getting the refund they came up with this update , please help me nail them urgently please
  20. i got it after a big fight with samsung people, some top engineer came to my town specially to install it the ver is as follows PDA: B7610DDJE2 CSC: B7610INUJE2 PHONE:B7610XXJC1
  21. the update was given to me in the service center, i cant post its because i dont know how to take the backup of rom AND i am having problems with low memory anyone want it please give me insrtuctions how to create a backup of rom
  22. NEWS just received windows 6.5 update officially from samsung service manager after fighting for 10 months anyone need it
  23. thank you for your urgent reply my 6.1 version info is here PDA: B7610DDIJ3 CSC : B7610INUIJ3 PHONE: B7610XXIJ4 also how do i take complete backup of my phone before upgrade , i want to nail them and drag them to court please help
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