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  1. I have switched to windows phone 7.5 omnia w ......thanks devs for your support!!...god bless you
  2. Don't expect so much....instead appreciate every bit of progress that is being made!.
  3. +1 for heat issue..if u play angry birds is heats fast....but it cools down when data off and screen off........vmz you are rite fluct. signal is causing drain and when opening any site (2g).....it loses 5-6% battery within 5-10 mins...(same was in beta 1 ).... erik i noticed that when we use hardware keys like back home etc...cpu instantly clocks to 800mhz and remain there for 10-15 seconds then comes down even when not running heavy apps. i am not using any tweaks etc..
  4. hey Erik....if i set performance settings in winmo to high android boots normally....but when i set to auto it hangs...i have tried re-install with new zimage and with or without cm2o2 update file.. i guess the problem may be is that in auto settings winmo set frequency to 600mhz (sometimes) ..thats y it hangs....why i am saying this is if u underclock winmo and start android..it will work on 532 mhz...but if u set around around 600 like 650or 700 mhz it hangs android.....but if u set 800 it will again work....i maybe worng though. i alwayz used high settings in beta 1 also...but tried auto in beta 2 as u said maybe drain in battery will be less and it was.
  5. yeah death to Microsoft.....my xbox 360 is stuck wid RROD...they are good for nothing :x
  6. i have little problem sometimes i am unable to make outgoing calls and send text messages but i am able to receive incoming calls and messages.....it sometimes get fixed after incoming call or after reboot!...
  7. try updating your phone through settings....see if there is any improvement ( for S2 ) after re-install of full ..b7610 battery is now ok.....i guess problem was that in my room network fluctuates but not in other room...so i felt difference in battery drain!!
  8. camera works like that....and new camera driver is in development.....for wifi contact erik :)
  9. he meant that file explorer app is not there in build....we have to download it from market to access storage and sd card
  10. after doing settings in chainfire 3D .....colors dont work well in angry birds any fix ?
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