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  1. Nevermind,it szepped forward to recovery backup,just simply sloooooow ;) Needed 73 minutes to backup the boot image ;)
  2. Hi, I have a ZTE V970 w/ CWM and while trying to backup it seems extremely slow. I've started the backup process at 5:12 AM, it's 6:05 AM and still working. Is it normal? Thank's for the help.
  3. Hi, I have a ZTE V970 w/ CWM and while trying to backup it seems extremely slow. I've started the backup process at 5:12 AM, it's 6:05 AM and still working. Is it normal? Thank's for the help. Moved my question to ZTE Grand X topic.
  4. Hey people, I had the chance to try mz aunts SGS 3 for a week or so, and looks like a decent choice to change my current phone. I am also interested in HTC Sensation XE (with Beats audio). However, GPS is a big (I mean BIG) concern here, as I am using my phone to record bikings/runnings. As a long distance amateur it!s the MOST important thing for me. Also, HTC One X should play, but I have read not-so-good-thoughts about One X... My question is: Wich one have proper (e.g. fast satellites finding/proper lock on satellites/proper route tracking while using) GPS? SGS3 / HTC Sens. XE / HTC One X; Any advice on this? I would like to get feedback, not only opinions :) Thank You
  5. First of all: I LOVE the new oot animation :D Very cool :D Secondly. Smooth, fast, cool FLB ROM. But I had one problem at first start. I couldn't set up my Google Account at first boot, as the phone kept trying to establish connection to the servers for minutes and returned without result. Tried many things, than somehow i could manage to jump into Wireless settings from Account set up, and after turned in WiFi and joined my home WiFi hotspot all problems solved. After my account set up, i had 3G turned on,and everything works fine. Dont know what was the problem, but tought its better to share here if sbody run into the same problem: its not a really big problem, just search a WiFi (even an open one) and join. THAN u can set up the account for first time. Maybe only i had the problem so far lol Lucky tuesdays... Back on track. Lovely work, keep it up mate. P.S.:Clockwork also a really cool thingie
  6. Well first time I installed Win 95 on a 386 DX 40 Mhz with 8Mbyte of RAM (cant dig down to video card it was 1,5 decade ago lol) and on a 80Mbytes HDD. To honest it was s***. Really. U could install it, but u better be didnt... For the smooth running Win 95 u have to had a P1 90Mhz 16 Mbyte of RAM at least. And i highly doubt Microsoft was serious about Win 95 as far as i remember,it was a "skinned DOS" OS. In the end, i dont think u can compare a desktop environment and hardware to a mobile phone one. Technically i have a Celeron M 723 in my laptop (MSI X600) running on 1,2 Ghz, but i dont think the "boosted" Snapdragon will do the same math on 1,2 Ghz in Samsung Tablet. And the engineering part is another thing. I guess (not % sure tho) nearly ALL CPU designed to phones technically is a SoC what makes the difference.And phones have to rely on a 1,500 mA battery (or less) and have to hold on for a day or more (approx). I think mainly these reasons cause to be "weaker" in some points, but tho i never tried to make a phone call with my 386 DX PC lol
  7. Hi. Tho i tought my decision is 100% sure, but after red thru a couple of forums, im not sure. Mainly i wanted to pick Dell streak, because of strong hardware and BIG Gorilla screen (yes, saw THE video where the guy tried to "scratch" the Gorilla glass with a pen) Than i considered Samsung Galaxy S. 1 inch smaller screen (only 1 inch) and approximatly same H/W started to poison my (already) lost soul HTC Desire is on the third place because HTC could'nt really miss with H/W and S/W design-support in the Android history Google Nexus one is on the list, but tho on the last place, becuase i dont think Google will have support long enugh for this phone (but still think its pretty good one for a year or so and im sure ill change next autumn) Give me ideas, or scrap a few of my ideas plz. One important thing: I'm using GPS on daily base (Endomondo sports tracker/Foursquare/Geo Tag) and tho Samsung Galaxy Spica have a terrible GPS signal (it works just fine with iGo, but every other progs have problems to find signal, while on my T-Mobile Pulse can aquire the signal easily with these progs...Strange) Thank you for answers.
  8. Had the same problem, with Modaco ROM, but only on mobile Network. Once i tried to hook up on Market via WiFi, was successful, and then it started to work via Mobile Network too... Strange. Tho dont have that problem with the FLB ROM. Thx for this ROM :angry:
  9. Thanx for the quick reply , seems its working again. Thank you.
  10. Hey all. I need an answer and hopefully a solution. I was really dumb and wasnt listen what im doing and flashed 1.5 superboot to my officially 2.1 flashed Pulse. I know, i need a gun and a headshot, but b4 i do this, maybe u know a solution how can i fix that? When i turn on the phone the Android logo appears, than (when its supposed to be a T-Mobile loading screen) nothing except a lil flashing cursor in the upper left corner of the screen. Any help appreciated. P.S.: NEVER do flashing while u have serius hangover...
  11. I switched to Pulse first but was a bad idea from an iPhone. Now i have a Samsung Galaxy Spica (with original firmware what means 1.5 in Hungary atm) and i have to say it's PERFECT for me. Fast, reliable, long battery life. Lets say it: im a curier using GPS A LOT. iPhone hold out from 8AM to 1PM than its off...Galaxy Spica was at 70% at 2PM. Im using for Facebooking, chatting, Twittering, navigeting in the car, and i had to charge my iPhone (with turned on 3G) for twice a day, this phone holds out til end of the day. SOrry to match these phones (i know many like/dislike iPhone as an Apple product) but iPhone was my last phone so far. I installed..at least a couple programs, still enuff memory,listening music (on the earphones it sounds at least as good as iPhone. And it wasnt rebooted suddenly (like my Pulse did) and it doesnt drop the data connection when im using the GSM mudole (aka phonecalls) like iPhone does. Only thing what i noticed (dunno maybe a typical Android problem) when i type SMS or Emails fast, than the keyboard stimes "thinking" for 1 second than quickly foloow my typing. So mate i have to say if u planning to buy one, than i suggest it as a good idea. Here is a (SUBJECTIVE) price:value ratio : iPhone 1 price to 0,5 value Galaxy Spica 0,75 price to 1,5 value in my opinion.
  12. I used this thread as help , and was totally useable : http://android.modaco.com/content/t-mobile...-with-pictures/ U have to have Superboot, AmonRa recovery, and nandroid, but all are here (swhere) within the T-mobile pulse thread. GL.
  13. I have a question about this AP2SD thing what (from now) im using too. I understand why its cool to not stick apps into phone rather have on SD card, but im curius : IF i installed a couple apps, and than a newer ROM flashed is there ANY way to backup system+SD+apps and restore ONLY apps? Than a couple of minutes saved to reinstall and set up all teh things again (like Facebook , weather widget, astro file manager etc)
  14. Installed 2.1 ROM (this one) and used this thread as help. So far i have to say it works! Im surprised how smooth it is. The menu nearly same speed as with 1.5, but other features works smoother. And : as im a hungarian i was surprised it set itself to hungarian language when booted :rolleyes: Sweet. So its working, and worth to flash it. :D Thx for rrx78nt1 and - Paul - BigBearMDC - eckengucker1 - zerosignull - feelmychi - Árpii - Daniel Williamson - maiden30403 - Csöpi
  15. First of all : Thank u Paul. Appreciate ur work with ROMs. Secondly : never tought it could be this smooth :D Technically : Today i f*cked up my Pulse cuz didnt listen what kinda superboot need to be used. Than i can solve the problem following the threads here. Thx. Than decided to use the Stock T-Mobile Custom ROM from here (1.7 version) and nearly ran out of patience when its booted finally. first boot was looooong but than my Pulse finally statrted to work properly. I mean : im an iPhone user who wanna switch from iPhone (NOT cuz im against iPhone, but im screaming about Apple) and with this ROM my Pulse finally works fast/reliable enuff to put my iPhone down. Thx again mate. I dont care with benchmarks and shits, so im not telling u numbers. The feeling is better, the OS works faster than the original (shipped) T-Mobile OS. Also with multitasking i have more programs running (around 5-6) than b4 (around 2-4) and have MORE free memory than b4.With original OS i had around 19-15 Mbyte free memory with 2-4 programs, now i have 25-30 Mbytes free with 5-6 programs running. I think its a real step forward. So thanks a lot mate works perfectly, looks good, I love this ROM :D P.S.: Updated to December update b4 flashed my phone. Worked perfectly, but BE CAREFUL and read more than 1 times the instructions or ull have a loooong 3-4 hours till figure out how to wipe / reconfiigure ur phone. Dont be an arsehole like i was lol.
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