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  1. I know my english is bad, but: I said samsung already has hands on 6.5.5. When I say "due to phone restrictions" is: As the new WinMo7 only works with specific devices (phone restrictions), MS promised working on developments for the 6.5 users that cannot use WinMo7 on their devices. Ok, no matter what, I will drop the issue here... but with one last thought: Companies like Apple and MS that are developing new systems that only works in new products are losing for the great Android. In a year or two you will have WinMo8 with more restrictions, a new Iphone 5 is coming... Money doesn't fall from the sky...
  2. what about 6.5.5?? Samsung already has it! Microsoft on the launch of the new WinMO7 promised upgrades to the users of 6.5 due to phone restritions on the new WinMo. It was stated by Microsoft all over the world in the press and in the official launch of WinMO7. C'mon... :lol:
  3. I'm going to sell my O2. Tired of false promises from Samsung and Microsoft. :lol:
  4. very nice. works fine!!! just one thing: How can I activate vibrate when using it??
  5. Hi. Very nice ROM indeed!! Can you help me and say how can you change the system type of letter? In this ROM is little and I love the size and appearance, but wanted a little bit bigger? Is it only customizable on cooking or can I edit on registry? thanks
  6. try to change regional setting on the wm settings menu
  7. WOW... you're kitchen must be on fire... superfast!! Tkz
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