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  1. At first im also like everything doing fine with kies..but after 3days I start having problem like others. Btw, what's gonna happen if unmount n format internal sd card?
  2. Ryrzy, great rom!! i have some difficulty. how to remove HTC dialer? atm i can receive video call, but cudnt call out a video call even thou enabled skin in Advan Config. tell me how to uninstall htc dialer so as i can make a video call instead of only receiving. thanks.
  3. jd1 has no preset profile to setup exchange mail. everytime try to setup my ms exchange mail, only option is either internet mail or custom domain. if choose custom domain, only pop3 and smtp option avail. anyone know a solution to get back exchange mail profile setup??
  4. noticed unable to upload photo to web. anyone experience this in JC1 n JC2? Communities just couldnt update...any idea to fix this??
  5. this sense 2.1 provide video call function?? RFD's sense 2.5 lack video call...sigh
  6. hope there's video call function in this one. RFD's sense 2.5 dun have video call :)
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