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  1. Just installed, ROM is drunk, thinks my Liquid is a tablet. =D anyway, a little slow, reverted to russian repack of cyano 9 rc1.
  2. Gnask

    Cu all guys

    Thank you all for your hard work and good luck! =)
  3. Just confirming, did you wipe everything (cache, dalvik, data, system, sd-ext, finally sdcard) ?
  4. AWESOME work! Still, bug reporting! =) Sometimes my screen freezes (like a snapshot), even though the soft buttons still work (light and vibrate). Have to unplug the battery. Anybody else has this problem?
  5. After reinstalling it four times (formatting even my sdcard) I finally found the problem. The behaviour I reported appears from the moment I turn off Debug USB. To solve it, I had to re-enable Debug USB and reboot. Now everything's fine. ^^
  6. I installed ROM V2 twice, both times wiping everything (system,data,cache,dalvik,sdext). Everytime I launch LiquidParts I get a FC. Sometimes I got a FC from the SuperUser app too. So I installed three different root-checkers and all of them cause a FC (even though su and busybox are there). I rebooted several times too. Does anybody else have this problem? Thanks again.
  7. Don't worry, we are here to test. =D Thanks again!
  8. Actually I have OI File Manager too (not the MIUI one), even after applying update1. Have the same problem with high-res photos. Could you please include the original camera too? Another problem: in the apps YouTube and Twitter, when I write something in the search textbox, nothing appears. The textbox remains empty (even if the words are there, the search works). I captured a video showing the problem (sorry for .mov): https://www.dropbox.com/s/bh166z8ksigcsrp/youtube.mov Does anybody else have this problem? Thanks.
  9. Rebooted a few times. Lockscreen and gallery seem fine. Reboots are never enough. :D
  10. Thanks a lot! In the meantime, another bug showed up. If I lock the phone and then wake it up, the lockscreen doesn't respond (the touchscreen in the lockscreen doesn't work). Have to reboot the phone. Maybe I'll just reinstall everything? :D
  11. Thanks for the quick reply! - (GTalk) Good to know, I thought there was a problem with the app not being seen by the system but if you removed it I'll just reinstall gapps and I'm done ;) - (Gallery) I'll try to wipe the cache again (and maybe clear my SD).
  12. Hi everyone! Thanks for the great rom, just installed and seems awesome! Have two little problems though: there is no gtalk and the gallery app crashes on launch. Does anybody else have this problems? Thanks again! EDIT: I followed the instructions on first page, - installed TWRP - wiped everything (including system) - installed ROM, theme manager, update1 - applied tweaks (cpu, liquidparts, link2sd)
  13. Following this thread like this: O_O Thanks for your hard work!
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