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  1. Have you installed the intel drivers ?
  2. Cheers BlueMoonRising, The drivers problem goes away when I change the usb mode from media player (MTP) to Camera (PTP), so thats what I have my phone set to now. The Intel drivers are the ones from post 1 of this thread. I'm running WinXP (x86) in a parallels VM I don't know if I have the 27mb patch installed. My phone tells me its running Android 4.04, Kernel ver 3.08-138190-gb6052d2, Build no. AZ210aA_ICS_02.27 I tried the 27mb downgrade option from the tool and got the following errors Please make your decision:32 * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 * * daemon started successfully * 2000 KB/s (800388 bytes in 0.390s) push: C:\SanDiego\tools\downgrade/recovery.img -> data/local/tmp/recovery.img push: C:\SanDiego\tools\downgrade/boot.img -> data/local/tmp/boot.img 2 files pushed. 0 files skipped. 2020 KB/s (16936960 bytes in 8.187s) open failed: Permission denied Can't read OSIP! recovery is an invalid entry name open failed: Permission denied Can't read OSIP! fastboot is an invalid entry name ---- UPDATE------ I think I might have had the 27mb update installed. I copied the xolo rom over to the device, and installed, then rooted sucessfuly. Now gonna try and get SD card working. Question. Is it safe to install the OTA update now, or will it mean I will lose root. Should I install it or not ?
  3. I'm having this problem as well, when trying to root. I unlock my phone and click 'Restore my data' Then my phone says 'Restoration starting' then 'Resoration Ended' but nothing else happens, and the tool just sits there saying Running....... I think the problem might be due to the Intel drivers not being installed correctly. When I plug my phone in, I get a message saying 'There was a problem installing this hardware...... Intel MTP USB Device' Although in device mgr, it shows an Android phone, and no devices have any exclamation marks or errors. Has anyone got any ideas? Oh and PS. Cheers Ricky, the effort you've put into this is appreciated. -----UPDATE----- I percevered and somehow got it to work, but have some errors as the phone reboots. Running ... Successful, going to reboot your device! error: device not found Waiting for device to show up again.... mount: Operation not permitted mv: can't create '/system/xbin/su': Read-only file system mv: can't create '/system/app/Superuser.apk': Read-only file system cp: can't create '/system/xbin/busybox': Read-only file system Unable to chmod /system/xbin/su: No such file or directory Unable to chmod /system/xbin/su: No such file or directory Unable to chmod /system/app/Superuser.apk: No such file or directory Unable to chmod /system/xbin/busybox: No such file or directory rm failed for /data/local.prop, No such file or directory reboot: Operation not permitted You can close all open command-prompts now! After reboot all is done! Have fun! Bin4ry Press any key to continue . . . My phone is not rooted. I've tested this by loading root explorer and trying to navigate to /root and I get a message saying my phone is not rooted. Is this a good way to test or is there a better way ??? I've also had a look at the script, and the line where things started to fail was C:\SanDiego\tools\adb.exe shell mount -o remount,rw dev/block/mmcblock0p2 /system So I've tried to do that from a command prompt and get the error. Mount : Operation not permitted. I've tried toggling USB debugging mode. adb does not see the phone when this is turned off, and when I turn it back on I get the same error. Any ideas on what I should try next ?
  4. I wouldn't bother mate, I picked up one of the orange gift boxes yesterday. The keyring, playing cards and yoyo are not worth bothering about. And the watch is made of plastic, very lightweight, and of dubious quality. The best part of the gift box was the box itself lol
  5. I have this working with TomTom, I dont have CoPilot I couldnt pair it with the CK3300, like you do with any other phone. I got it working by doing a browse for services (or something) on the m2000 then it found a BT serial port on the CK3300. Then I set tom tom to use a serial GPS device on that serial port. Crap instructions I know, but it was a while ago when I set it up.
  6. sadler

    SPV M2000 Now Launched

    I've ordered mine today, subject to the usual 3 day delivery time. This will be my 3rd SPV now. SPV, E200 and now M2000. Been lurking here ages but never registered. I'm posting because i managed to get this on a free upgrade instead of the £250 they originally quoted me. Its available on T-mob UK free on contract and when I told them this they imediately offered free upgrade. I'm 1 day out of contract and my bills are approx £60 a month.

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