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  1. While following @PaulOBrien's instruction to me to unlock my new Honor V8 before working on rooting it, I stumbled across this new app from DC-Unlocker which allows you to buy the credits you need to get codes from their system. It's a lot cheaper to use this app than to buy credits via their website - I paid £0.89 rather than 4 Euros. You can either choose to be emailed a login name and password - the account has the credits waiting for you - or you can get a code emailed to you by supplying the IMEI code of your phone (I assume that the app take care ot this automatically as I went the account route). The link to the app on the Play Store is https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=dc.huaweibootloadercodes Enjoy!
  2. I bought an Asus Z580C when mine died last Christmas. Brilliant replacement and easy to root using the same method as the Hudl.
  3. In case any noobs are reading this, to get into recovery Power off phone Press and hold Volume Up (top of rocker switch) Power on phone while continuing to press the Volume Up button Don't release the volume button until the phone shows the recovery screen HTH
  4. I had to run MobileGo 4 times before i got root. Persevere ;-)
  5. @tibrocks I suspect it's a brick. I've got 3 of these in the house and one of my kids let the battery drop so much it powered off. It now behaves exactly as you describe. I even put a fully charged battery in it from one of the other ones and it wouldn't come back to life. Sorry :(
  6. This problem had only occurred since the 5.1.1 update. It was fine before. Putting my sim in another phone works correctly. It's a software issue I'm fairly sure.
  7. OK so I'm not alone. Now to debug. Do you know if your phone has the locked system setup? If you're not rooted you won't know ;)
  8. If you change the number on your phone does it stick or do you get a message telling you to contact your operator?
  9. Anyone else finding that 1 on the phone keypad throws an error to check settings rather than dialling voicemail? I'm on Three UK and the number in settings is correct. But I can't change it to anything else - if I try I get a message to contact my operator. Does anyone know how to change the voicemail number using MMI codes or failing that, where Lollipop stores the voicemail number? TIA
  10. Boot into recovery, then use adb shell and create your symlink I did just this to get Adaway to work reliably.
  11. Re the Dolby app why not back it up with Titanium Backup or similar and restore it when the new ROM comes up?
  12. I've got 2 of these phones. My wife's rooted easily with MobileGo but i had to run it 3 times on mine to get root. Keep trying. When you succeed get twrp on it and then install SuperSu via twrp otherwise you'll lose root when you reboot.
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