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  1. It's not Skate forum, if you installed rom from this topic you're really lucky that it boot up.
  2. Proximity sensor is not issue. Even when phone is unlocked and screen turn on you have to wait few seconds after hearing ringtone to see dialer.
  3. I had this issue in previous rom. I suggest using different browser.
  4. It's a problem with android itself, not only this build. To avoid that you have to use ext partition on sd. In my opinion the best way to use this rom is having big /system partition (it is a way to make it bigger than 250MB?) and move there apps which work to slow on sd with Titanium Backup.
  5. On previous builds i had serious problems with google maps, but I tried now on 10.7 and it seems that even compass is working properly (slow, but in the end shows right direction). Before navigating with google maps in city was impossible, wrong compass directions made navigation loosing route. I'll try using navigation and write later.
  6. Yes, I could try with installing TPT again to be sure, but i don't think it makes any diference. Problem occurs even when screen is turned on, dialer appears after 20-30 seconds since phone has started ringing.
  7. I had problem with waking up after one hour since installation, especially when someone calling.
  8. Yes, you can encrypt, everything newer than cm10 has performance issues, especially waking up from sleep can take few seconds.
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