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  1. Hi Thx for this. It looks really good. Never used the black skin before. And of course its more fluid than the original Samsung Messaging :-) Thats how the Samsung App should work! Did you do it by yourself, and can you make more skins? :D
  2. Try copying the htcsensorSDK.dll to windows folder again manually, this works most of the time. HTCSensorSDK.zip
  3. Hey, so I really like this Rom. Its fast and stable. Haven't had the "phone won't boot anymore" problem since my last flash. :D <- was writing it while my phone wasn't booting! haha....:D Nevermind. But one more thing thats anoying, is my hardware keyboard. Its just the "?" and the "_" that are not working. Everything else is correct. Maybe if there will be a second version, you could try this suggestion which helped another chef with his Roms that had the same problem. THX for your Rom.
  4. You can use advance config tool to adjust the thickness of the scrollbar or select no scrollbar at all. But this will effect all apps with a scrollbar, means there will be no scrollbar in all apps. :D Or you can use daskalos' samsung dialer for 6.5.x.cab which you will probably find here somewhere in the forum.
  5. hmm, it was the .cab file from Daskalos to disable windows Startmenu. I think it just makes a Change in registry, so not a special program. And the first time I don't remember what .cab file I used. It could be that it was something that also changed only the registry. But I'm not sure. :P
  6. oh, great. Good to know. Will try this when I face this problem again. But for now I'm testing another sense rom (for comparison :P ) Thx for the hint.
  7. Hi, I really like your rom(s) but I again had the problem that after installing a .cab (this time it was a .cab to disable chome cause I wanted to have more Ram free) that my phone won't boot anymore. It just stays black after the samsung screen. I had to reflash AGAIN! :P I also lost some numbers and sms (which is not that bad this time) but you never know when it will happen again and maybe next time I will loose something important. You really have no idea what causes this behaviour? I really would want to use your rom. Nevertheless you are doing a great job. Thx.
  8. ok, my fault. Wifi is somehow working now. I can enable it via samsung settings and shortcut. But not in Sense Communications. :unsure:
  9. Hi, I also do like the Rom very much. Thanks. But I also realized that Wifi is not working. Also from Samsungs Settings. I looked at that Reg Key and it says what you wrote, and I'm not sure what to enter there. So maybe we can work on that :unsure:
  10. OK, I flashed your 6.5.3 Rom and it STARTS and runs fine. So far I don't see any major bugs or issues. Only those little ones mentioned above. That can be fixed easily as you said. I like that you used xtask instead,thats also my favorit. Really big thanks again for a very nice ROM. We appreciate your effort to cook a Rom without having the devise yourself. :unsure: Grat work
  11. Wow this look really really nice. I like blue themes. Are you probably able to port this theme to WVGA? That would be great. Edit: I guess that first post is WVGA. Right? Haven't read the entire page....If I am right, maybe you could write wvga to be more specific. If its not, my question is still there :unsure:
  12. ok, I can confirm that with the files you provided the glitch in the startmenu is gone and the camera is working now. Thanks. But if you make a new version, PLEASE leave out the samsung sdk. IT DOES cause the sleeping beauty bug, where the device is not waking up anymore. Everytime the phone is in sleep mode for more than a couple of minutes I'm not able to turn it on, only by pressing the softreset whole. Besides that this Rom is really nice so far. Normally I like 6.5.3 more but this is a very good. And I like it that its already customized. Suits my taste also :mellow: Big Thanks, Great work!
  13. hmm....copied the files to \windows and made a softreset. Now my phone won't start anymore. I see the starting windows screen and after that it stays black. guess now I HAVE to flash again. Will flash with CSC just to be sure that this was not the problem... too bad...:mellow:
  14. HI again, so I flashed your Rom now. It seems to be pretty responsive. But I have a graphic problem in the startmenu, see picture. After the flash I just left the phone and when the screen went off I couldn't wake the phone up. I was afraid to have the sleeping beauty problem, but after a softreset I locked the phone with the button completely so the screen went black and I could wake it also up again. So this seems to be hopefully no problem. EDIT: Found something new. The Camera Button is not working! I can see and click through the menu but not use the button. This is just a first little impression haven't tested too much for now! Will report if I have some more issues! Thanks again for a new B7610 Rom to test. I like it! Edit: I just realized that I forgot to flash it with a CSC together, but could that cause the problems? Maybe i will flash again if I have time...
  15. HI! What a nice surprise! I might try it today already and looking forward to the further developement if it might have problems. Thanks for this effort! Really really great!
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