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  1. Granny Smith, now 25p https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mediocre.grannysmith&feature=top-games#?t=W251bGwsMSwyLDIwOCwiY29tLm1lZGlvY3JlLmdyYW5ueXNtaXRoIl0. i
  2. well, i've dropped down to 2.1 and the clock drift is better, and I dont have to go anywhere so the GPS shouldn't be an issue (as we wait for 2.2) now all i want is a touchwiz free sgs :-) later Owen
  3. I've installed clocksync might have to resort to downgrading to 2.1/mcr the SGS might be going back as the GPS is a sack of crap (well it is on the jp3/2.2 rom) and the timesync issues an annoying bug later Owen
  4. anyone had a problem with the SGS losing time? Mines now 7 seconds out from pool.ntp.org after less than an hour since i synced it the phone has been froyo'ed and my lazy assed googling hasn't found anyone else with the problem later Owen
  5. Good work Paul now i have to decide on giving you my beer money for some MCR4 action or getting nicely drunk in the sunshine again ;-) later Owen
  6. hahahahah!!!! i do enjoy a good "raaar! your softwares crap, you suck, fnarr fnarr fnarr" from someone using nicked software later Owen
  7. ics is awesome!! and clueless & witless are useless (i know, i worked for them for a while) later O
  8. is it wrong of me to find this still funny?
  9. ohhhh, i know this, that awesome memory of mine rocks :) /me pms nedge the answer tada Owen
  10. i like sms popup (being free) and launcherdock not forgetting all the new control widgets that appeared via cupcake later Owen
  11. im just saying out of the few hundred people who entered, only one is going to win, and there big odds (300+/1). palringo will pick someone at random, paul will find out which modaco user it is, and then announce the winner and you cant bribe paul (i've tried) later OWen
  12. i woudnt be supprised if the winner is someone who doesnt keep asking when the draws done. but saying that palringo are less evil than i am later Owen
  13. 24 hours to go <_< later Owen (also known as beerington mcbeery)
  14. ok, it been a while, i know you missed me :D /mutters something about being super lazy later Owen
  15. Awesome!! now if i could think of something i needed cabbing :) ... ... ... pah, lets drink to more cabs! Later Owen
  16. cheers Ash! it made my brain hurt B) and i dont really understand it B)
  17. according to my sauces, they where doing a scheduled upgrade to one of the database sans and cocked it up (non technical term) later Owen
  18. Ok, its the return of "beery's too lazy and or stupid to look it up online technical question" time. todays question is: whats the complicated (or really simple) maths to work out the effective range of a radio transmitter, think along the lines of mobile masts i know the power of the signal but cant remember how to calculate range from power later Owen
  19. beersoft

    Which Laptop

    i got myself an acer 2920 yes its acer (and proberbly going to fall apart) but it was cheap, small n light and 2gig/120gb it was only £400 from comet get that and have £200 to spend on booze :D later Owen
  20. beersoft

    quick question

    you should beable to use internet connection sharing, as its just a modem im trying to remember if you have anything else to change but ics and making housemates use your laptop as the gateway should do it later Owen
  21. I am back, and this time full of sugar! paul, it sounds like you missed me :D I dont recomend haribo lite, the main ingredient is 'bulking agent' which cant be healthy, it should be sugar, glucose and then more sugar i think the next poll will be moawm - which is better, stripes, squares or the other ones! later Owen
  22. Ash, when you was a child they hadnt invented sweets :D
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