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  1. I like sipart have the Nano - I found it fine for browsing though I found some playback a little odd and there does seem an issue with XVID with the native players - loading android XBMC on it though improved the playback but it did get slowdown sometimes (not as bad as the raspberry PI I had though). It ran some games fine and others including psx games a little slow. So in the end I went and put a Linux XBMC image on it and its much better as a out and out media player. However it was a close call thing to leave it as an android PC - that close Im now getting a Dual Core A9 UG802 at 1.2 burst upto 1.5 for £50 from China, as I think the speed boost will tip this from being a good system into being a brilliant one - Ill update when I test it.
  2. Have to agree about flash not being a selling point for me, when i contemplated selling my ipad for the vega. Have an ipad and on the odd occasion ive wanted flash i simply use the puffin browser. The only thing that was a pain was bbc iplayer, but bbc did a beta site and now the new app is better than using the web. I think along the lines that most android machines are locked until they are rooted, and or different firmware is installed, the vega is a good example of this, why is that any different to a ipad being jailbroken? One of my most used apps these days on my ipad is xbmc, aswell as being a breeze to now watch films from my nas, I can read from sd cards, admittedly you need a 10 quid adaptor but its a small price for the extra functionality. The other two things for me that make the ipad better is the apple store, simpler to browse and not full of rubbish, and the other thing is the games at the moment are better imo
  3. Don't agree - I have an Ipad and I know within 2-3 minutes when Ive purchased a dud app - so 15 minutes seems plenty.
  4. Changed the topic - not after a fan boy fight - I know the differences, and realise one can do things better than the other etc etc I own a real tablet had a M500 now down to just a M200 - but neither's an Ipad or Andriod devices are these so not sure why you commented on it? Just want to know real dual machine owners view!
  5. I have a joggler/desire/and the reason Im nervous to try again a bookstand called SPAM v5 running or not as the case may be andriod 2.2/2.2/2.1. Ill wait to see one in PCWorld first I suppose I wasnt impressed with the folio. I love the Desire, especially since 2.2 and the hotspot I think whats bugging me is this old 2.2 not for tablets thing - and as its not known what 2.3 or indeed 3 will need hw wise. Didnt want to start a debate as such just a view from holders of both machines
  6. Anyone with a vega and a ipad got a view to the real world difference? I grudgingly initially got an Ipad after a few failed attempts of table/umpc/small andriod devices just not doing what I wanted and now I eqaually grudgingly love it. But if something came out that meant I didnt have to admit in public to owning one Id buy it.. so no pressure :P
  7. Worked for me aswell T-Mobile MDA Compact III UK (not unlocked or anything) Vista (Didnt do anything different) Everything works as it should, although Vista now sees the phone as an O2 phone. Missing from MDA originally but also includes Live, Calculator, Solitare Machine appears snappier and file browing is definatly quicker - no dreading a trip to the windows directory Just needed to add back GPRS and MMS settings (via TMobile site)
  8. expansys had them as out of stock - I ordered and got mine next day - I got the full kit cheaper than some are charging for the car holder alone!!
  9. Home Tab - Only 12 Large Icons even though if its the only app on the homepage there is room for lots more, its not easy to get them in any personal order and no simple way of pining them on via a directory - resolution by spb Today Weather Tab - Unable to change to any other city than the predefined ones - resolution spb weather. No actual dumbed down Diary tab so need to get spb Diary to get any. Alarm - okay this is fine as it is (well it is for me) but if you want more spb Time Contacts - not enough contact slots - though I admit on this one spb dont have an alternative to make this better (unless its in the pipeline) Dont get me wrong though I love it just wish it was just a little more able to stand on its own two feet
  10. To get the most out of it it feels like you have to add the rest of the spb software liabrary to replace each dumbed down tab options. Which is a shame if your trying to reduce the resource overhead...
  11. I prefer Live as they seem to have another level of detail over google - just wish they would add the 3d option.. Update released in Jan Clicky Here
  12. Unsure if it helps, but I have noticed on Tom Tom when I first boot up, even though the GPS is not doing anything the sat markers do seem to be positioned correctly, normally on my old GPS units they would all be grouped at the top.
  13. Case not sure okay with the free one for now Screen Protector - go check yout box it came in, it should have one free (well mine did) Car Charger - I have a usb socket charger thus just use the usb cable to charge http://www.mobymemory.com/ are normally cheapest
  14. My only problem with Tom Tom is it keeps turning Blue Tooth on!
  15. Just got my unit today and realised it didnt have wifi - raised a return and upon reflection I reckon I dont mind it so much. My issue with O2 is with the cost of using GPRS you need wifi, TMobile's w&w will mean I dont need wifi as for what I do 1gig will be fine and theres always blue tooth for home browsing.... Just hoping now they try and talk me out of the return with some sweetner as Ive decided to keep it.
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