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  1. Fails on Tmobile SGS2 Link to market from official app shows its not compatible.
  2. For some reason i keep getting error 923 when i attempt to download and install or update random apps from the market, any ideas? I've tried wiping data and re-flashing, example, MX Player Pro, shows as purchased, downloads, then gives error 923 and fails to install, goes back to install button, if i press it it attempts to download again and fails same way. Any insight would be appreciated gang!
  3. Wow, as a loyal Modaco subscriber for last 2 years, and after recently renewing... I am saddened to find there is still no forum or kitchen for the T-989 varient. Is there any hope for T-Mobile US users?
  4. Any reason im seeing only 19MB's free space but no memory warnings? I choose the a2sd+ (with cache being moved), when I go into a terminal no a2sd options seems to work so i assume your not using Dark's script. Am I doing something wrong? I have 1gb ext3 partition on my SD card and only 150 apps (including system apps) installed, no way they take up 1gb. P.S. I am also unable to get my wireless hotspot to start, it says starting then reverts back to an unchecked box even though i can see the icon in the status bar, when searching for any signal with a laptop the SSID I choose does not appear.
  5. To verify, wiped, loaded Cyan, BT paired to my BlueAnt Z9i right away, wiped, loaded A8, BT will not find my BlueAnt Z9i. Bummer, freakin luv the A8 build too!
  6. I also cannot get BT to pair, it starts, and my PC sees it, but will not connect, my Ant z9i headset will not show up during scanning. When i switch back to Cyan's ROM, BT works np.
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